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  1. Doris Ryan MepapII 110717 dorisr2002@yahoo.com Professional Development Activity-Blind Auction Supplies that will be needed; Money-make copies of Monopoly money using all denominations. Make sure you print enough. All residents will receive $2,000 dollars each. At least 20 paper bags. You may get they for free in the grocery stores. A package of index cards. Pen or pencil to write with. Stapler. Items that were either purchased or donated. Bath soap, shampoo, deodorant, puzzle books, candy, snacks, clothing, jewelry, hair products, stuffed ani
  2. I recently read on the message board about Spin to Win by ashelybarger but now I can not find it. Has anyone played Bingo this way? What types of prizes Would like to try and implemete this in our facility. Thank you Doris Ryan
  3. Hello everyone Im Doris and I am new to this site. I am starting a new job tomorrow as a Director of Activities! Yeah But boy am I nervous and scared. Any advise? Thanks
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