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  1. Doris Ryan MepapII 110717 dorisr2002@yahoo.com Professional Development Activity-Blind Auction Supplies that will be needed; Money-make copies of Monopoly money using all denominations. Make sure you print enough. All residents will receive $2,000 dollars each. At least 20 paper bags. You may get they for free in the grocery stores. A package of index cards. Pen or pencil to write with. Stapler. Items that were either purchased or donated. Bath soap, shampoo, deodorant, puzzle books, candy, snacks, clothing, jewelry, hair products, stuffed animals, perfume, books. You purchase things that you know the residents would enjoy receiving. When you purchase these items keep in mind who you are purchasing them for. Size, color, likes and dislikes. To begin you place all your items on a large table. Then you group them according to male or female and a theme. Sports lover; cracker jacks, a sports movie, a sports t-shirt supporting their favorite team. A woman who still loves dolls; a doll with assortment of clothes, perhaps a plastic tea set, a box of tea biscuits and a favorite cd. When you make the bags up you group the items together with a resident in mind. Example; Mrs. Smith loves pajamas and pink. So, if you have a set of pajamas and they are pink and her size that would start her bag off. You can place in the bag these items; Pink pajamas, body wash, shower cap, baby powder, book (if you know she likes to read), teddy bear, and some of her favorite snacks. Then you take an index card and write a vague description of what is in the bag. It is a cold and rainy night, but I will not fret. I will soak in the warmth and when I am done my friend and I will a journey begun. Suppose you know of a resident who loves Science fiction. Their favorite movie is The Guardian of the Galaxy. They love Groot. Well you know they have a DVD player in their room. So, you purchase the DVD, even a small Groot, popcorn and soda and some licorice. You would write on the index card; This could be out of this world but that’s ok You can play it every day. When you hear that growl don’t dismay your friend is on the way. Now if you are going to do a blind auction you must plan and allow yourself and the staff plenty of time to organize this. We usually take at least and hour and a half to make up at least 10 bags. We tried to do as many as we can. What we do not use we save until next time. O.K. Now that you have your bags ready the fun begins. Bring your residents to your activities room and place then in a half circle. The table will be set up to close this circle. Provide the residents with their money and then go over the rules. The rules are; Read the index cards several times and try to emphasize on certain words as clues. Then you say,” Who wants to start the bid?” Sam says $100, Netta says $101 and so on. When you feel the bidding has reached its peak you say,” Going once, going twice, sold to Netta for $501. Then that residents opens the bag and shows everyone what they have purchased. Usually the residents will say, “Oh now I get the riddle. The residents may swap their winnings with each other if they wish. This game is a lot of fun and my residents have requested at least once a month. This provides interaction with other residents and allows them to use cognitive thinking. But the biggest thing to me it provide is lots of laughter, especially if there is a huge bidding war. Florida has a state association www.fhcaca.org Florida Health CARE Activity Coordinator Association. Who knew? I am very excited to discover this Association. Their goal is: “TO BETTER SERVE THE NEEDS OF RESIDENTS IN THE HEALTH CARE FACILITIES.” There motto is;” HEPING RESIDENTS LIVE LIFE’ They are holding a conference in July and myself and staff will definitely be there.
  2. I recently read on the message board about Spin to Win by ashelybarger but now I can not find it. Has anyone played Bingo this way? What types of prizes Would like to try and implemete this in our facility. Thank you Doris Ryan
  3. Hello everyone Im Doris and I am new to this site. I am starting a new job tomorrow as a Director of Activities! Yeah But boy am I nervous and scared. Any advise? Thanks
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