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  1. In September the Activities Department starts a resident bowling league. The bowling league ends in February and a bowling banquet is held to give our awards to the bowlers. To set up the “bowling alley†the hallway outside of activities is utilized. This hallway has an exit door at the end therefore we temporarily cover it with a dark shower curtain to ensure it is not too bright for the residents. The bowling pins are set up at one end and the resident and the bowling ramp are placed about 20-30 feet away. A rubber bowling ball is used to make sure there is no damage sustained during the program. Bowling scorecards can be printed off the Internet (https://s-media-cacheak0. pinimg.com/originals/5f/7b/db/5f7bdb0d8914b595e407135b 949f1ce6.jpg). These supplies can be ordered through S&S Worldwide (http://www.ssww.com/item/bowling-set-with-poundball- W2668/, http://www.ssww.com/item/bowling-ramp-10291/ ). For the bowling banquet held in February dinner, decided upon by the residents, and awards are presented. The activities department makes or purchases awards and then personalizes them. The awards are chosen by highest score, most strikes, most spares, etc., until all residents that have participated received an award. The banquet requires preparation in advance. The awards can take time depending on shipping or the time spent to make and personalize them. The activity room takes time to set up as well and the meal takes time to make. Nursing and Dietary needs to be notified and the meals need to correspond with the resident’s specific diet. This activity can meet the needs of a resident that was in a bowling league when they were younger, enjoys sports or competition, enjoys socializing with peers, or likes small groups. During the bowling program residents are transported in and out of the bowling alley due to space limitations. This program requires the help of two activities staff members. One staff member is used to set the pins. The other staff member is used to keep score and turn the bowling ramp if the resident is unable to do so themselves. This staff member also encourages and assists the resident during their turn. Each resident bowls 5 frames for their turn. This has been the easiest way to maximize participation in the program. If there were 6 residents bowling one frame at a time it would take exceptionally longer than it would to allow the resident to bowl 5 frames at one time. The resident may also lose interest if they are switched frequently. It is nice to see the residents competing against each other to get the highest score. The staff members running this program enjoy it as much as the residents do. A calculator and instructions on how to score bowling may also help for this program. Tape may also help in setting the bowling pins up in the correct formation.
  2. We have bingo 3-4 times a week. Our residents have a bingo night on Wednesdays. We don't get as many residents for this program but we still get a good group. Our residents take bingo very seriously. They don't want anyone to talk, interrupt or stop the game if the phone rings or someone needs help. I wish I could find a way to make bingo fun again, as it should be. We play for an hour, sometimes more if there are interruptions they insist. This hour usually equals out to 10+ games, with one or more winners a game. They get a prize or a quarter if they don't want a prize.
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