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  1. I know this was written a couple years ago but I still think people will click on it with the same questions so here goes... On our Memory Care Unit we have severely progressed Residents with Dementia. We do laundry folding, sorting plastic utensils (disposable for sanitary purposes), Reminisce magazines, recipe books that residents look through or tear out there favorites, old truck ads for our truck lovers, animal therapy (dogs or cats), lots of time outdoors when the weather is nice, puzzles (even if they cant put them together, they can sort by color or shape), pvc pipes to put together and take apart, large plastic nuts and bolts to tinker with, reminisce cards, yahtzee works well, music based activities (rhythm is one of the last skills we lose). Basically, we conduct a mini history where we have information about the resident's past and then we try and come up with stage appropriate activities that relate to their individual interests and abilities. Hope this helps, Jordan
  2. Hello All, We are currently celebrating National Nursing Home Week at my facility with a spirit week. Todays theme for all staff and residents is Fancy Dress Day. We are going to be taking portrait type pictures for the residents to send to their families and having a dance this afternoon. I just wanted to post because I have been absolutely stunned at how many residents have gotten so excited about dressing up today. The compliments from staff to staff as well as resident to resident have been amazing. You can just see the light in their eyes when you tell them how beautiful/handsome the look. I just wanted to share because it has ended up being more beneficial than I could have anticipated. Happy Nursing Home Week to you all!! Jordan
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