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  1. I'm now an Activities Assistant! I'm still shadowing, but soon I'm on my own. I'm loving it!
  2. I'm still waiting to see this film. It looks to be a very well made documentary on Glen Campbell's life after being diagnosed with dementia: http://glencampbellmovie.com
  3. The March issue of Discover magazine has a front page article on Alzheimer's. Some of it is basic stuff most of us probably already know, but it also includes new research. You can see more details here: http://discovermagazine.com/2015/march
  4. Hi Jennifer, What state are you from? Did you have prior organizing/planning experience before becoming an activities worker? I'm finding it difficult to get into the field because every employer seems to want people who has experience in planning/organizing events (even to be an entry-level activities assistant!) How hard can it be?
  5. Hi Everyone! I want to get into the Healthcare field, as an employee. After spending a year volunteering, figuring out what I want to really do, I now know I definitely want to be an Activities Assistant.
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