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  1. Hello , I have been in activities for over 20 years , I am the director of a 154 long term care facility our sister home shut down , guess what ? Their director is now my co - director and we don't seem to see eye to eye , she came in stepping all over my programs , I believe she has Bipolar , she literally throws fits if it doesn't go her way and I am told to work with her or my admin will cut both of our pay and hire another Director ! I couldn't believe it and there's only 2 people to do all activities for 140 resident's ! I feel if I give her enough rope she'll hang herself , but it's hard to deal with , any suggestions?? HELP !!!!
  2. Been in Activities since 1999 overloaded , unorganized , HELP​ . I started a new job at long term care as assist , the AD is very young and learning ...she went on maternity leave and I was left with an unorganized dept having to do the activities , careplans , assessments , mds' , notes , rounds , etc . . The mds / careplan people are constantly on my back becuz NONE of the paperwork was getting done and NO CAREPLANS IN DEPT by the AD so I'm left with being overloaded , I am thinking the admin is going to ask me to direct when she returns from having baby , but very frazzled , any ideas on how I can get organized and get back on track without frustration ? Where do I start ??? help !!!! TY
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