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  1. Hi Brandy, thank you sooo much for replying and I love your suggestion with the "noodle". I would love- love to have an activity room, I wish we could take just 1 one our 25 bed/rooms and turn it in to one. I would feel like I could acutally make a difference in the program given that opportunity. But for now, I will continue to do my very best to make what I have work and build on it as I can. I have taken your e-mail address down and look forward to talking in the future and here is mine, cnorton@harneydh.com.
  2. Hello, new kid on the block here, still looking for any advice or suggestions on swing bed activities?
  3. Hello, my name is Cheryl, I work in a 25 bed CAH in Burns Oregon as a swing bed coordinator/discharge planner. I'm in my final weeks of MEPAP 1050713 and I will be looking for new ideas for activities for our swing bed patients. I have to admit this course has been very challenging for me as the swing bed/hospital setting is very different from lets say a nursing home for example, we don't have an activity room in fact we don't have anywhere for our patient's to go except the patio outside of the cafeteria. Otherwise all activties are 1+1 in the patient's room. I do have a cart on wheels that currently holds 1 card table and 4 chairs, cards, CD player's and a variety of CD's, curlers, hairdryer, fingernail polish, puzzels, tangle therapy, table top dry erase boards with colored pens, magizines, and a kindle fire.........any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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