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  1. Hello! I would like to let know about Memory Mats which is a new company within the healthcare industry. Aimed at Activity Directors for creation and purchase within the homes. Memory Mats are just what you think they might be! Beautiful personalized mats that have your residents photos on them to help with reminiscing therapy and consistant recollection. The online website is easy to use to create a mat and 10% of your purchases are donated back to your resident council. Memory Mats are a way to help the aging population remember people, places and things. They also give back 10% to Alzheimer's Research! The cost of a mat is $20.00 which is a great price for the benefits they come with: Programming one on one's Group activities for creating mats Spill proof Washable Infection control friendly Builds patient/staff relationship Families love that homes are sharing life stories in a creative way Nursing staff can bring to resident when agitated or sundowning Conversation starters Reminiscing therapy Visit www.memorymats.org for more information.
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