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  1. I guess I should introduce myself.My name is Kimberley and BRAND NEW Activities Director. I was a Direct Care Provider for only a few months before the Director and administrator came to me and offered this position to me with complete confidence I can do the job and excel in it. So for that I am grateful they have the confidence in me. I am very excited. I have a passion for this and for the clients. This is a small business with 14 clients with all type of mental and physical disabilities. Which means I will be coordinating all activities, volunteer, outings,crafts, projects, and also in charge of fund requests for every client to name a few of my responsibilities. I love challenges. LOL With that said, our budget is small as well. By the way my first day is this monday morning.I should also mention everything is completely disorganized. It means I am starting from scratch with almost everything. I really don't have any problem coming up with many the ideas for the higher functioning clients and slightly lower functioning.Finding this site is Wonderful! Thank you. My problem is finding activities, crafts & projects for the severe and profound mental disabilities and they also have physical limitations as well. I hope everyone can see my problem. I am hopiing someone or many of you can give me ideas for this group. It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please give me whatever great ideas everybody would have. Thank you everyone.
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