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  1. My name is Samantha Cathcart and I had a lady like that. Named that tune was one of her favorites. Have big enlarged bingo cards available for the vision impared people. Have alot of aromatherapy/name the smells game and have a bag with alot of things in it that only you know is in there and make it a contest. They close their eyes while they stick their hand in the bag to feel around to guess what's in there. Whoever names the most things in the bag, they win. Take walks around the building for them to see the big stuff that they used to see before they loss their sight. Have a taping of famous people that say their famous sayings and ask them do they know who it is and give them a few clues. When I play the giant crossword, make sure you tell them what the word starts with and how many letters it has so they can get a good guess.
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