Mothballs In My Attic

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Mothballs In My Attic
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This is a nostalgic book that contains fill in the blank ONE word answers that bring you back to your childhood. One word leads you to a myriad of feelings and sensations and conversation.

Mothballs In My Attic is a resource tool used by activity planners in the medical field as well as caregivers for dementia patients. The book can be used for both individual or group sessions and is a wonderful memory jogger. There are 12 chapters and over 220 fill in the blank with ONE word questions that stimulate conversation and reminiscing.

Mothballs in My Attic (MIMA- 'my-mah’) uses one word from your past to trigger a familiar thought, smell, or visual sensation that brings in a flood of surrounding memories. . . suddenly, you are having a MIMA moment!

The sisters, Cindy and Barbara, invite you to journey with them to the past without losing precious moments in the present. They have a passion to help you remember the pleasant things as well as major turning points that we have all experienced growing up. They will prompt you to journey back to the mothballs in your attic!
How it Works:
Simple questions are answered by you about your childhood or growing up times. You answer with one word to complete the sentence, and then it happens: the MIMA Moment!
My childhood kitchen table
shape was________________.

When you answer the question with one word, your mind then goes back to your childhood home and fills in the rest of the story: where you sat at the table, what time you ate dinner every night, what placemats, plates, drinking glasses were used, and so on. The process of a one-word answer brings the experience of the entire scenario. Suddenly, you are transformed to that time, and instantly, you have experienced a MIMA Moment. The inevitable smile is unavoidable. 
Take your time; it's a memory extravaganza. It's not to be rushed but rather enjoyed. Take the trip; it only costs a thought to purchase a MIMA moment. It's worth the investment!



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