Movement for Memory Care 3-pak

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Movement for Memory Care 3-pak
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Movement for Memory Care 3-pak

When it comes to engaging memory care (MC) residents, the challenges are unique from day-to-day and .....from person-to-person. Those chanllenges can be overwhelming, and are likely to be compounded in a situation such as an activity/exercise class when it is not just about enjoyment... but about safety and effectiveness.
The benefits (e.g. improved strength, flexibility, balance, etc.) associated with such classes are many, and are essential for basic daily function...regardless of age or ability. The human body is designed to move, and movement often becomes difficult in later years, as in the case of our MC residents.

Movement for Memory Care is designed to create feelings of success as your residents perform the gentle movements found within each title. The reminiscent tunes will bring smiles to their faces while the on-screen peer presence will serve to keep them engaged. They will also appreciate the instructor's communication style as well as her personal touch. Titles are segmented, and are safe done individually or consecutively. The movements are demonstrated in a clear-and-concise manner AND...are safe, fun and effective.

  • * Tai Chi Made Easy (3-18 min. segments) provides a modified version of the FitXpress Easy Tai Chi title; an adaptation of an evidence-based program developed at the Oregon Research Institute (2002). This title is made up of 3 identical segments, 18 min. each, with varying sound options.
  • *Movement Made Simple  (4-10 min. segments) consists of functional movements and stretches, all of which are done to a variety of reminiscent-type piano tunes.
  • *Simply Stretch (2-15 min. segments) gently combines the elements of flexibility with a healthy dose of relaxation. Again...the background tunes allow for reminiscence.


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