Happy Days Cognitive and Memory Improvment Game

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Happy Days Cognitive and Memory Improvment Game
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Cognitive and Memory Improvement Game

Happy Days 2N1 - Word Match & Memory Game stimulate problem solving cognitive skills and memory recollection.

Happy Days stirs memories of fun times when everyone was young with TIMELESS illustrations by Sarah Stilwell Weber from The Saturday Evening Post Collection.

Word Match Game - one must read the word card, comprehend what it says and find the image card that it describes or vice versa. (Cognitive Stimulation)

Matching game is a fun memory exercise game - find matching images.

These cards can also be used for an exercise program. How? pretend the person is flying a kite etc. Great for imagination and giggles.

Sarah Stilwell Weber illustrated for The Saturday Evening Post in the early 1900's. Some of these images are available in memory puzzles.

These word match and memory games are played at users level enabling everyone to have a feeling of accomplishment and success. See instructions.

Games were tested with a group at Alzheimer's center, both men and women. All were able to read and match the pictures with the right words ON THEIR OWN, and they enjoyed the activity and loved the images. They had "a fun moment in time".

Grandchildren love interacting with grandparents playing with memory and word match card games. Great for "tell me a story" or sharing.

Large image playing cards & type - 3.5x4.25 inches

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