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Staff Or Me

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Guest Guest_lucyb

Hello, I have picked up some great ideas on this network. Thanks

But, now I need help with staff.

For the last 3 months I have been a new home with a staff of 7. Sounds great with a 140 census Right?! The thing is I'm going crazy & now my management skills are being questioned (even by myself) I held in-services & write ups. One aide had her mother yell at my Admin. about me. Today I took the day off to finish cal. & schedule at home. I have to step back & refocus. 1. Participation books are always missing still after 1 girl was terminated for taking records home. 2. participation is not accurate at all. 1:1 are still not understood

3. starting on time is an issue 4. 3rd fl. rehab Staff said no-one does anything but movies. 5. The worst part is attitude & it is affecting mine now. Do I want to do this job? I am starting to panick about everthing which I.m sure shows lack of...

My 90 day review is Nov. It's not looking good I'll tell ya. After 5 years in activity & 2 teens. I'm running in circles. Before me the girls told Admin. They should be able to run their own fl. without Director. One staff asked for gas mileage to get to work. I'm not making the difference any longer except for panick attacks.

Is it time to get out? Should I quit before I get fired? The holidays are making harder as well as you know. Thanks for listening.

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First, step back and take a few deep breaths...

I've been where you are. Two years ago I accepted my current position working for a large CCRC- condos/apartments/Assisted Living/Alzheimer Care and a 124 bed SNF- 783 residents in our system- 24 staff in my department. When I accepted the position the department staff were WILD! We're talking totally unmanagable. Just like you I was an experienced AD with tons of ideas and I felt so overwhelmed I cried most days. I thought of 'throwing in the towel'. My advice... slow down. Take care of the staffing issues first... always remember HIRE TOUGH MANAGE EASY. Hire the best staff you can afford. Highly qualified, competent people make all the difference... one competent staff person can do the work of 4 average staff people. And... foster a relationship with your Administrator... keep she/he informed of what is going on. Last... don't expect miracles overnight. It has taken me about 18 months to bring things under control here. Keep your sense of humor and take it day by day. If you'd like to chat more my email is wonytineres@hotmail.com... take a look at that email backwards... wonytineres= serenity now!

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boy, oh boy I have been in your shoes! First Don't Give up

Second document these events

Schedule an appointment to see your Admin and give them a heads up

Investigate, check your employees records to see if they have past write ups

Call a staff meeting right away

Remain calm, do not cry, yell become upset, always maintain a calm, colective image

Never let them see you sweat!Write down the points you would like to make

Follow your notes as your guide

Ask another staff member maybe from nursing to sit in on your meeting

Write down your policies and procedures, and make it clear to everyone

then write them up if they take records home, offer warnings, counciling, progressive discipline, then you can let someoine go if you have to

Be Fair, Be honest, and remeber you are capable!


First remember you are the boss, you were hired because you have the experience


#2, I just had to fire a staff member, it was the hardest thing to do, but this person never did their paperwork, always had an excuse, always called out,


I would call a team meeting

Make sure they are feeling included, hear them out and have them sign in for every meeting you hold

VALIDATE, VALIDATE, VALIDATE, just like with our residents, validate their feelings and ask them to come up with a plan of action! Put the responsibilities on them

Have one staff member take minutes at your staff meetings

Deligate, deligate, deligate!

Do not throw in the towel

You took this job for a reason, the residents need you

Know that after 3 years at my current job, my troubled staff memebers either resigned or were fired. Keep on top of their paperwork, write them up enough times so you can fire the ones who are not doing their job.

Also, uplift and praise when they do a good job, let them know the areas in which they shine

Sometimes a simple heart to heart may make all the difference

LISTEN! LIsten to their feelnigs and opinions, and have them be part of the solution

You are fully capable, do not let this undo you!!!! We have all been there, please contact me directly if you wish



Your administrator needs to back you up

and you need to refocus


If you have one good employee, have them help you

this happens a lot to activity directors, My theory is that with our budgets so low, at times we cannot afford the best people, or they have been there so long it is hard to change their bad habits

You are there to make a difference

Ask your team members to share your vision, your goals

Always remind them we are in this for them

Teamwork is essential

Seperate troublemaking staff

re assign units if need be

make yourself available to observe, review and assist

Offer them a helping hand

Re train and continous training, make it fun, rewarding, and lead them towards professionalism

Be a mentor

Always give second chances

Tell the troubles team member how much potential they have

harvest their best talents and use them to your advantage

Find local activity professionals for support

And remeber we are all here for you anytime you need us!

Get your admin on your side and fast

and the don

other dept heads on your side makes it a lot better

Tell them you want their input, ideas, let them be part of the process, this will make them feel better

it seems trite, but it works

They want to have a say

Let them see what pressure you are under, include them in your "Chores for the Day" so they can see all you have to deal with

I made a staff meember responsible for the lunch and break schedule, she was always complaining about it, once it was put in her hands, she came back and said to me "It's a lot harder then I thought!"

Deligate and remember

you need your staff asm,uch as the yneed you! Let them shine!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps!

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my problems are with the aides and the admin. we are a small facility so i'm the only avtivities person. i understand were you are coming from. i have no self confidence left in my job. i'm quitting in december to move to Texas and i'm not sure i'm going to persue this field. I'd be a really good assistant i just don't think i can cut it as a director (apparently no one else here does either!). my heart says that i'm doing well but my mind says i suck at it. it's the kind of situation were i feel like i'm always being criticized and talked about. i know i sound paranoid but oif you worked here you probably would be too! anyway, thanks for letting me vent. it's nice to get it all out there instead of crying every night.

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Guest Guest_Brenda

Hi, Thanks to everyone for your support. I do enjoy the smiles I get from my residents. I am trying team effort approach. Also, I've had staff look into the window of the alz/ dementia unit. To get a different view. I asked if they thought the room looked functional pleasant to be in & if they would appreciate their family member in there? I have been asking for their ideas & to ask for assitance when needed. and yes, the administration support is a must especially I am in my 90 days. I have informed him of my goals. He is aware i am hands on with res. family & staff. So you too Malina, moving to Texas. Keep up your spirits. No matter what you decide to do about your carear. You have to have confidence in yourself. Best Wishes to you & all. Let's have a happy holiday.

thanks. i love this network!

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