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Hello everyone,


I am an activity Director in a small nursing home in Texas. I have been an activity director for more than 10 years.The problem I am having is I know my job and I carry out all my scheduled activities,however every time I turn around I have other department heads taking over my job and reporting back to the administrator

I am then called in to the office and given the third degree.I have over heard them talking that they do not want to fire me so what do I do? Do I continue to go to work and do my activities or do I go into the office and try to work it out? I have tried once before and was unable to get a word in edge wise. Please someone give me some ideas. Thanx Weda In Texas

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Guest Tinki



Do you really want to stay somewhere where thery are trying to make you unhappy? I would go get another job, it sounds like the easy way out, but why stay and make your life miserable. I think you are in HOuston- check out my website it has new job opportunities. www.mytinkistx.us


Good luck



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  • both post support for the NAAPCC Credentialing Center
    Comments From Students
     Thank you for correcting the information that was released. I recently took the test for certification with NAAPCC and it was a very comprehensive and thorough test. It was not a simple easy test to get you certified. You had to know the information in order to complete and pass. I would recommend this avenue to anyone especially if finances are a struggle for MEPAP I & II. I did purchase the book for long-term care seventh edition and without that I would have struggled.
    Connie Gangwish, AP-BC Colorado
    reprinted with permission

    To: Activity Directors Network
    Celeste is awesome!! Anytime i have a question she gets right back with me and she is very informative. At first I didn't know if i was going to like the new course just for the fact my MEPAP course was the own pace and I work Full time plus have 3 kids. But i am loving it! It is very structured and with due dates I feel like i am holding myself more accountable for completed assignments sooner than later. It has actually been a beneficial change for me.. Thanks so much!!!
    L Williams reprinted with permission

    To: Activity Directors Network
    Good Evening I wanted to let you know that I had completed mepap 1 and had only a couple weeks left of mepap 2 so I had looked at path 2 and have taken the activities test and passed so just sending in the application. I wanted to thank you for giving all your time to us even while Kathy was ill. It didn't go unnoticed, you was a great support and helpful at ideas or even different ways of changing thoughts to positive while feeling defeated. Thank You Stacey Passa AP-BC
    reprinted with permission
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