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:lol: I like to start a program to get into feelings, through words and practical experiences and hope to have someone to listen and share different views of

opions to work out a common agreement by poetry in fun.

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I too have an interest in poetry.  i recently did an audit of my residents interests (a homework assignment for MEPAP1) and poetry came up.  I might try a poetry Slam...and have plenty of poetry to read in the event none of the residents comes up with something.  I'll try it once and see how it goes

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I have tried a poetry class in my facility. The first time it did not work very well but then when the staff helped to guide it and give the residents guidelines, the residents were able to open up. I would love to hear how yours went. How did they respond to the poetry slam? Thank you.

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We Had it at ours we had a theatrical person read poetry  to our residents  they like it  even the staff came in and listen to her read it  we will be doing this again thank you .

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I just began a poetry program for my memory care unit.  I was quite suprised how much they liked it!  I used mainly older poetry that they were familiar with during thier school days.  Many of them commented on remembering them and told stories of school regarding them.  It was such a good program, I include it frequently...and I will change up the poems from time to time to include only the most popular poems that were recieved the best. 

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