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Salary Range For Activity Directors

What is your Hourly Wage?  

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  1. 1. What is your Hourly Wage?

    • 7-9 dollars an hour
    • 10-12 dollars an hour
    • 13-15 dollars an hour
    • 17-19 dollars an hour
    • 20-22 dollars an hour
    • 22-24 dollars an hour
    • 25-27 dollars an hour
    • 27 or more

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Guest Guest_pennie

Well I live in Indiana and thought you had to be certified to work as an AD? Apparently not. I have 2 degrees and was considering trying to find money for certification - very expensive. Maybe a facility will hire me and then I can get certified latter? I imagine payscales here will be at the lower end of the payscale too - Indiana is well known for paying low pay.

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Guest suegbsn

I work in NC with 5 yrs experience and I just got $11 hour, not nearly enough for the responsibility! :-(

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Guest Guest_Stephanie

I just moved to SC from Florida. I am a CTRS with a Masters. I was making 14.91 in FL, as the senior therapist in a psych facility. Now I make $15 as an activity director in a 132 bed SNF (they tried to pay me less, but I talked them up). I agree with the person who posted about having the masters degree. No one seems to care, sinse its not required for clinical practice. I don't want to say it was pointless to get.... but I can't help but be frustrated as I attempt to pay off my student loans on $15 an hour. As you will find in this profession, however, is that most people who get into this field do it because they love the work, and not to make money.

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Guest Meln'Nate21

I am an Activity Director in upstate NY and currently make $15.50 per hour. Considering what I was making in my previous position, it is a pay increase, however for the amount of responsibility, I would say that it is so-so. I've never been in a management position before, so this was a wake-up call for me. I think that many people are not aware of what goes into being an Activity Director. Given my current staffing situation, not only am I the Director, but I am also an Activity Aide in the absence of my employees.

Onto another topic...


I'm sure that many of you are already aware, but I find that incorporating themes into the monthly calendar is a big hit with residents and staff.

February 3rd was National Wear Red Day. I made flyers and announcements encouraging staff and residents to wear red on that day. To my surprise, many took part in the event. And for their efforts, Activity staff handed out stickers and candy to those who wore the color.

March is National Quilting Month, so that is our focus for Arts n' Crafts.

April is National Humor Month, so I am having my staff use our joke books for Humor Hour and I am hiring a clown to come in to perform for the residents.

There are many ideas and so much info on the internet if you are looking for themes.


Can anyone share some ideas for what you do for National Nursing Home Week?

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Guest Guest_mashonda

I live in NC and work at a LTC facility. I am a recreational therapist LRT/CTRS and if i had to guess my hourly wage, it would probably be around $15.50/hr. I say probably, because I'm salaried. Salary wise, it's around $29,700.


Hope this helps with your survey.

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Guest Guest

I'm an assistant AD right outside Philly PA and I make $12.00/hr. I am also just out of college though ;-)

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Guest Mellie

I am an AD in a 120 bed skilled nsg. facilty in Fredericksburg, Tx. I just got a 3% raise which puts me at $10.30 an hour. My asst. gets $8 75 an hour. I love my job but I would love it more if I got paid more. The resident's and thier Families always say what a great job I'm doing so I think I'm worth more. Oh well next Jan. I will get paid $1o.60 an hour. :roll:

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Guest Guest- AL-New England

I make $21 an hour in New England but have no assistant. Since we we were bought by a big agressive company it is not the same. I am also expected to help with sales calls, PR and a million other pressure point type demands. I am thinking about buying my life back. I hate to give up a salary that is coveted by most in my field. It took me more than 30 years to get there and I need the money. But the constant pressure is effecting my health and I am getting burned out.

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Guest hks

I recently graduated in May of 2004 with a BS in recreational therapy. I do not make $12.00 an hour and I feel that I am qualified to make more. Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you that I am from Alabama.

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Guest footloose

who makes what in the state of virginia? how many beds and exper.... help please long term or assisted




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Guest footloose

looking for a little extra help does anyone know of a site for social workers.. my social saw this and got a little jelious heehee was just hoping i could help her out by the way i make 15.60 hr.... but i also work for a small facility and have been doing this for about thirteen years. i worked in florida for most of those years but my husband and i relocaded here to virginia.

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Guest Guest_Magichat

I was just hired in NH and make over $20 per hour non-certified (yet). I do have a management backround however.

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Guest Guest_brentwood

currently we pay 10-12 per hour based on education and experience. We are in the Nebraska market.

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Guest Spark Plug

I made up between $35.00-$50.00 per hour consulting for 14 years - self employeed in NC. Now I am in PA and receive approximately $25.00 per hour. I am a CTRS - have been a recreational therapist for many years. Perhaps the difference in salary is having a 4 year degree versus the ADC certification without a college degree? In any event, I believe we are enhancing the quality of lives yet it is therapeutic - capitalize on every opportunity to teach other IDT members. For example Parachute Exercise is ROM. Crafts is stimulating fine motor skills. Ball play is enhancing upper and lower extremity gross motor skills. Never deny the "play" but educate the therapeutic value of what we do!


Email me at bonn235@comcast.net

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Guest Dina Massey

Hi, I work in an adult day health care center, and just completed the activity directors certification course for the state of california. what is the going pay rate, and what are the title 22 state regulations for holding the title of AD

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Guest Celeste



I make $23.00 an hour. In Washington, DC. I've been in Activities for 20 years. I've been a Director for 8 years. I work in a 261 bed facility, all seniors over 60 years of age. We have a department of 7 hard working people. We have come a very long way from having 3 Activity Professionals to 7. Its been a challenge, but very rewarding. My background is Music Therapy and am working towards Certification as an Activity Director and further.


On the other hand:

We do need to educate our IDT members as to what we do. Sometimes I find it quite frustrating, that the other members really do not respect our discipline AND are not interested in learnng about it.

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