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Salary Range For Activity Directors

What is your Hourly Wage?  

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  1. 1. What is your Hourly Wage?

    • 7-9 dollars an hour
    • 10-12 dollars an hour
    • 13-15 dollars an hour
    • 17-19 dollars an hour
    • 20-22 dollars an hour
    • 22-24 dollars an hour
    • 25-27 dollars an hour
    • 27 or more

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I'm just about done with my MEPAP 1 class and am looking for jobs.  (Hoping to do MEPAP 2 while working.)  So far I am flabbergasted.  I've only found out about five places so far, but it seems that the pay for an activities assistant is roughly the same as that for a fast food worker.  (Unions, anyone?)  Hopefully I'm wrong, or at least the pay goes up after a little while.  I've looked below and that doesn't cheer me much, but I see it does vary from place to place.  Can someone please tell me what an activities assistant and what an activities director can expect to earn per hour when first hired, after one year, after five years, and after ten years?  This is in New York State, between Catskill and Delmar (Greene and Albany counties).  Thank you very much!

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I know it has been a few years since you wrote this, but in the Buffalo, NY area, activities aides can expect to earn minimum wage or a little higher if they are just starting out.  I am not sure about AD, but maybe 40K at a large bed facility?

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   I need to know what the salary range is for an Activity Director?    I was wanting to move further south , Texas to Florida, does anyone have any estimates of the wages being paid in these states?


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