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Salary Range For Activity Directors

What is your Hourly Wage?  

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  1. 1. What is your Hourly Wage?

    • 7-9 dollars an hour
    • 10-12 dollars an hour
    • 13-15 dollars an hour
    • 17-19 dollars an hour
    • 20-22 dollars an hour
    • 22-24 dollars an hour
    • 25-27 dollars an hour
    • 27 or more

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I get $34,500 as an Activity Director in an Alzheimer's /Dementia Adult Day Center in South FL. (Which by the way has not been opened since hurricane Frances because we 've had no electricity for 6days :cry: )


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I hope all goes well and you don't get Ivan to! Seems like Fl can't get a break.

Can you tell me how long you have been in this feild? Are you certified?

Thanks for replying.

:-) Ruthann

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Guest Guest_LindaK

Hello I just moved to Texas about 2 months ago, I grew up in Chicago. Mty husband decided to get away from the snow and move here, closer to his family.

I am searching for a Activity Director position in Houston. My questions is

what is the salary range on this kind of job in Houston? Does anyone know?

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Hi, not sure about Houston, but in San Antonio, I started out at $12.00 and three years later am at $13.26. Houston, of course, higher cost of living, so I wouldn't doubt if you would start at least at $15.00 or more.

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I have just started working my way through this site.

I get paid through the charitable award in Australia. It would not help you.

Hope you dont nide being my first contact.

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When I was Assistant Activity Director I made $11.00. I'm in Western Mass, so you have to look at your area and the difference in pay.


Hope I helped


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Hi, Brandy! :-D


In Indiana the rate is somewhere between $6.50 and $8.00 depending on the amount of experience you have. If you are a CNA or QMA, the amount will be higher. If you are just starting out, the amount will be lower. Best wishes to you in your endeavors.




Linda Lucas, AD

http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com ;-)

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Guest Pat8231

Here in Florida (Palm Beach County), I made $11.50 as an assistant program director aka Assistant AD lol....Pat8231 8-)

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Hey Brandy,

The average pay in Texas for Ass't. is about $8.00 an hour. The amount will vary due to the experience you have, on the facility you work and depending on if you work in the city (Houston) or small town outside of the city.


I just recieved my newsletter from The Consortium for TR/Act. They have said that they are getting so many request from Texas about wages, that they are conducting a survey. They have sent out a questioneer. I don't know when they will have the results but once they have finished I believe it will be posted on their website. However their website is down and they hope to have it up aging by Christmas.


Then in the Activity Director's Guide the discuss the cons of our profession. The 4th one had to do with Low Wages. They had a good response on how to handle this. Basically it said: Wages are something you earn. You should provide an activity program that is a step above other facilites, ones that gets good press coverage, and one that lures in pppotential residents.

They suggest that you keep a record of the best programs that you have done. When it comes time for your review don't be shy! Boost about your accomplishements, be excited and talk about a few up coming events you have planned.

When they offer you a fifty cent raise ask for a dollar, if they offer you a dollar ask for two etc.. And if you don't get regular raises, ask for them!


This was a great article written by Marge Knoth. Again it is called Activity Director's guide.


Hope this is useful to you, P

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Hi Linda,

Welcome to Texas. What area of Houston do you live in? I'm a Houstian. The pay here varies from facility to facility and from LTC to Ass't Living. although not by much. Are you Nationally Certified? If not then you will need to become certified for Texas or become Nationally certified. That along with expernice will make a difference in pay. All of that being said you can expect about $12.00 to $15.00 an hour. This is a rough estimate but as we all know that we have come along ways these last few years in our profession but our wages are still on the low end of the pay scale. Later Pennie

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Guest Guest_Diana

In San Antonio, I started making $11.50 hr. I think AD's a very UNDERPAID!

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Hi, Everybody! :-D


Let me add a great big “AMEN!” to Diana's message. AD's are terribly underpaid for the amount of responsibility and volume of work expected from them. Don't get me started, Sister! You all know as well as I do that the activity department is as important as any other, especially when it comes to resident psycho/social needs. Not only that, it is one of the greatest marketing points of any facility and provides a means of family and community action through its volunteer opportunities. And activities, volunteerism and the newsletter you write help attract clients as much as a marketing rep...if not more. Good care, good food, cleanliness and a vibrant activity department will always attract clients. Therefore, AD's should be paid at least as much as LPN's. Don't you think? When I win the lottery I'm going to build a nursing home that pays AD's what they are worth and has a large activity department budget!


Hallelujah, Sister!


Linda Lucas, AD ;-)


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Guest Guest_Lana

How is it that activity personal are shown , via paycheck that there work is not of value? My residents and their families love me, that has value, just not groceries!!

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I agree - we are like the value of teachers - where lives are blessed every day, and yet we are on the low end of the pole.


I guess we all would like the recognition that we feel we deserve - even if it is monetary value. WE all will be rewarded some day, by the Creator who sees the value in a smile to a lonely soul!

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In Canada the range varies. If you are a program worker and not the supervisor, you can make around $14.00- $18.00. If you are the supervisor, you usually make 35,000 a year and up.


Rhonda :-)

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Guest Tricia

In the Silicon Valley area of CA, AD's make from $11.00 to about $16.50 an hour. However, one facility that I know pays about $20.00. Asst. AD's obviously make less. In general, they will pay as little as they can for someone to do the job - I agree, we are greatly underpaid for the work we do and the roles we play in peoples lives.

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Guest Guest_Renka

I live in the New York City area (the bronx) as a activity Leader, currently makeing $18.00 per hour. at my other facility (my first recreation job) made $12.00 and hour

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Guest Guest_Sally
How much pay is sufficient for assistant activity director? I know everywhere is different, but I would like a guestimate.



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All this talk about paying assistants. I would like to know how to get my company to see that I need even one assistant. I make $10.00 an hour, and I am the only one in my facility. I have a hard time getting the staff to see that activities are just as important as the bath, and eating.


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