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What Is Your Budget

What is your Budget a Month?  

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  1. 1. What is your Budget a Month?

    • Budget of zero dollars
    • Budget of 100-300 dollars
    • Budget of 301-500 dollars
    • Budget of 501-700 dollars
    • Budget of 701-900 dollars
    • Budget of 1000 or more dollars

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Thanks everyone,

Submitted my budget and was informed that I was only being funded $750.00 a year for everything! 31 residents and 9 AL residents........can this be possibly the going rate? What is the average $ amt you all are funded per resident per yr? mo?

darlene be

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Guest Budget

I have multiple budgets , but for general supplies, I have $4.00 per resident every month. I have 250 Residents so that's 1000 dollars for supplies and out trips.

so to be honest I have to say your budget seems low, but it can be workable. Just use this site for ideas!


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Hey Darlenebe,

I feel yur pain. I get $100.00 a month for everything! Supplies, entertainers... Fortunately for me my ED understands that this is not very much money so if I ever need anything I just ask her permission. I have never gotten in trouble for asking. Also another thing you can do to help you out is fundraisers. I usually have atleast one per month. That can double my budget in one shot, which is ALOT of $$$ to me, hahaha. (my facility has 138 residents all together) Good luck! And remember all you can do is your best with what you have and thats GREAT!

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My budget is SUPPOSED to be $200 and some odd dollars depending upon census, which as we know, changes through the month. My problem is that my budget is held in PETTY CASH. Every time I go to the business office to retrieve money for anything, I am told that petty cash has not arrived or that there IS no more petty cash. I know this is a little off subject but can anyone tell me where I go to look up the regulations on how and where the Activities budget is to be held? The way my facility is dealing with this, my residents are receiving the brunt of this. I was actually told by the business office staff, "You will just have to pay for it yourself"! I need information. Can anyone help me here?

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Sorry to hear that Catein.  It sounds like you really don't have a budget.  I'm don't know the answer to this but you're right, it is the residents who will suffer.

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