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Hey Everyone,

I have been thinking about our profession lately and wondering what brought us all to this place in our lives. I am interested to know about anyone's background that would like to share...My major in college was counseling, can you tell? I just think it would be really neat to see the things that we all have in common. I also am interested in the different "directing" styles of the different birth ordered ADs. So I will start and if anyone else is interested please feel free to follow suit.


I am the first in a family of three girls.

I was raised by my mom in a single parent home.

I love math and thought about being a H.S. math teacher.

I am 23 and fresh out of college.

I am not married and have no children (Yet. I really want both!).

I am not artistic, but sometimes I amaze myself with some unforseen creative talent.

I plan activities, go to meetings, do paperwork and administrate. My assistant actually carries out the activities.

I really love my job but I wish I could spend more 1x1 time with the residents.

I love people, of all stages and walks of life.

I wonder if there is anywhere to go from AD, room for advancement?


All right enough about me now. Its your turn, if you want. Have a great day and I am looking forward to hearing about you all!!


Phxville 8-)

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Guest Tinki

Hi, I am Karen and have a BS in TR and teach the AD certification as well as working on a new verture with the creators of this site. So keep your eyes open for some new possibilities.


I am the spoiled baby of a older sister and brother they are 7 and 5 years older.


am 29, married with a 2 year old. Raised by an extermely giving mother and my father worked everyother month in Africa.


I love music and art - was going to teach elementary, but changed to TR. I was a wild child took a while to grow up. Extremely talkative, loud, social and good at leading.


I stay at home and watch my sisters kids and my son while teaching the activity courses on the weekend.


I have published two books and my goal is to help make the AD's life easier.



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