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What Qualifications Need To Get Hired As Ad

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Guest Guest_Debbie

Hi my name is Debbie,

I have some questions concerning Activity Directors qualifications. Could someone please assist me with the information I may need to apply for a activity directors position that has become available in my area.

Do I need a college education?

Certification in a certain area of health care?

Possible a Workshop that offers necessary information for AD.

What type of wage to expect without actual experience.


I have always been the coordinator for most activities my friends and co-workers

needed assistance with. I also have a younger brother that owns a 10 bed assisted living home, and is in the processes of building a new facility that will hold 38 residents. I have taken a few medical certifications programs to assist him if he should need someone in an emergency. I really feel that helping get residents involved with activityies that can put smiles on there faces and see each of them open up to new and old experiences would be a wonderful rewarding position.


I would like to see myself help work part-time at my brothers place, and also

work part-time if possible at a facility that is in my area a few days a week.

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Hi, Debbie!


You seem to have the heart of an Activity Director. I hope you become an AD if that is what you want to do.


All of the things you mentioned will help toward getting your job (i.e. education, certification, work history, etc.).


Some facilities look for someone who already has their state certificate. That is, someone who has already completed the mandated state Activity Directors course.


If you are going to work for your brother...that may be all you need. And in most states it can be completed within a mandated time after you start working (however, you will need to be supervised by an Activity Consultant until you recieve the certificate).


Qualifications and wages vary widely from state to state. It would be best for you to contact your state board of health for qualifications, and state activity association for average wage.


Once you get your state certificate and become an AD, there are professional certification options open to you (especially if you have a college degree).


Best wishes in your pursuit,


Linda Lucas, AD

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