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Nasty Company Takeover

Guest Guest_flgrl

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Guest Guest_flgrl

I just got some unhappy news today.The place I have been working at for 2 wonderful years has been taken over by a new company. The family members, the clients and staff love me and I love them. They have fired me, given me one week notice because they are bringing in their own person( I know it will be for less salary). I have a wonderful program there and am sad to go. Unfortunately now I will be unemployed. Please keep me in your prayers.


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Barbara - I am so sorry! How rough for you!


You will definetly be in my prayers - to be taken from your residents and a position you've worked so long and hard at!


God bless you!

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Barbara. That really sucks that they did that to you. It is hard enough to find quality people in this Industry and I'm sure your program was great. I just recently left my job at a SNF to work for a Memory Care Unit because of my former Administrator. Good luck .I'm sure you will find something really soon.






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Guest Big Red

Dear Barbara,


I had the same thing happen to me and I know what you are going through. The

long term care is continually changing ,and turn overs and management teams are

taken over especially when census goes into play. I will give you some advice

out of this you will find another place or recreate your gifts into a business that shines and expresses your true talent. Remember after they have let go of everyone would you really wanted to stay? When the lord has shut one door he gives us another to walk through take this opportunity to see what he has in store for you. Take care and I know an opportunity will come shining through.



Sincerely Big Red

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Hi, Barbara!


My prayers are with you. Unfortunately, even though most companies claim that the wellbeing of the resident comes first, it's the dollar that calls the shots. In some cases change is good...but it is hard for the residents to accept and adapt. It appears your talents are needed somewhere else. Keep your chin up. If you love what you're doing (and I think you do) opportunity will present itself soon.


Keep in touch with all of us.


Best wishes,


Linda Lucas, AD

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Guest Guest_Angel

So sorry to hear about your experience. I worked for a company for a year when they sold out. I stayed through two very difficult Executive Directors. I worked as an Activity Director for 10 years in three different facilities and sometimes the change of management companies can be a good thing. But the last place I worked didn’t turn out to be so. It pained me to see the residents and family suffer, so I stuck it out. I did everything my ED asked of me but she didn’t really understand the purpose of the Activities Department. We butted heads a few times because some of the things I was asked to do seemed unethical to me. I was also spending too much of my time at the facility, nights, weekends, and holidays. After resigning from my position, I found out from a very reliable source that the person they hired after me was getting paid half my previous salary. That’s corporate America for you ….what can you do? I decided to take a brake form Activities. I now live in another state and volunteer my time at my daughter’s school and at a local senior center. So keep your spirits up. God has a plan for you. I’m sure your talents won’t go unnoticed. :-)

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