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A Wonderful Donation


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Guest Guest_Gayle

What a wonderful surprise! Could you use them as Christmas gifts? Maybe there is a church in the area that the women's group would be willing to add to your supply on a routine basis. The TUC I worked at gave each resident a lap afghan upon arrival, the volunteers made them. Some were knitt, crocheted, and others quilted. The residents loved them. If they didn't want them we washed and reused them.

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are all 36 of your residents females? Do all of your female ladies wear dresses or do you have some that only wear pants? Possibly look at the ones that wear dresses or skirts regularly first and then go from there. Also the raffle that someone else suggested was a good idea. Or possibly use them for different prizes, such as with butterbean auction.

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thank you so much for the input! I want to be as fair as possible with them. you all are awesome! I think the raffle idea is awesome and it will be a fun activity at the same time! Thanks again!

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