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Ideas For Setting Up A New Activity Room

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I have a just been given a challange....whip our 30 bed Alzheimer's unit into shape with new and exciting activities! :pint: (this is keeping me up nights!)


I'm looking for ideas on furniture arrangement and shelf/display, necessary activity items placement.


I have been given two adjoining rooms (a wall separates them, door between). Each room is approximately 20' x 20', on the back wall each room has a large window which makes that wall obsolete. Figure two walls per room that are at least 14-16 feet long.


I have access to some 6 foot rectangular tables and also a large 5' round table. I would like to have adequate "show" space and have activity items out for residents to enjoy. I need to purchase shelving or open storage. I also would like to have a small kitchen area (no water), where residents can put away groceries and dishes. I will have a microwave and small refrigerator.


Does anyone have any ideas on what to use to decorate the walls? Would you suggest wallpaper? Cork boards? Resident art projects? Our residents are "walkie talkies" in mid-stages. Set one room up as a kitchen area and the other a "den" type setting??? Both rooms are carpeted.


Has anyone tried some Montessori methods? Also, does anyone have any particular activity items that they just can't do without? I am looking for ideas and suggestions.


My office will be located in one of these rooms, too, by the way.


Okay enough questions, hopefully someone has had a similar experience with their unit and can offer some suggestions.


Thanks! Love this site!


Sparkle in FL

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Guest KathyAA

I set up a whole new building including my activities space. First I got two cabinets from NASCO that had bins in them to store items. They were pricy but well worth the investment. I got a roll top desk to have the computer on (and it gets used daily by the residents playing Bingo on it!) I purchased a player piano, stereo system, large TV and Video (now we have a DVD player) and another TV and DVD player on a smaller cart to travel to residents on the units with documentaries. We also have an overhead projector and a slide projector, screen that comes from the ceiling and three used med carts for crafts. 5 wooden shelving units that lock, 20 Kowala Chairs (worth every penny) and the plastic folding 6 foor tables in a white shade (15). Also we have carts of every shape and size to take room to room and we have two portable ovens (from NASCO) and several antique trunks and suitcases to store stuff in and for decor. Remember that spending an extra few bucks on something that will last is worth every penny.

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