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Where To Look For A Job?

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Hi I have not started the program yet, but will be starting it this fall and am curious where to look for open positions for Activity Director and/or Activity Director Assistant type position? Thanks :roll:

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I found my current position on monster.com, the previous one was through the company I was already working with as an Activity Director. My very first AD position I found in the local newspaper. You never know where you will see a posting. I applied for one once that was posted in our local alternative free paper. Networking never hurts, either. I took a business / marketing course in college, that my Dad insisted on and I thought was a bunch of wasted time as I never wanted to go into a "business" type of field....but the most important thing I learned was how to network and I use that almost everyday.


Monster.com is a great site on tips on how to interview, research a company you are interested in, and resume writing. It is never a bad idea to take a continuing education course on things like this.




jobs.com (I think that is one)

your local colleges career center

networking with your classmates from the AD cert class

VOLUNTEERING, a great way to network and get experience

maybe joining your local AD group (and the national one, too)


Hope this helps.



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