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My residents have told me about a luau that they had with the previous AD. They had hawaiian leis.....a blow up pool with water in it to stick their feet in, hawaiin music playing on the stereo, drinks with little umbrellas in them, decorations, and food of course! Just let your imagination run wild. Also, Oriental Trading has some great Luau decorations in their catalog.

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You may be able to do a sand dig for the visually impaired residents. We used a container that could set on a table, but it was deep enough to hide items such as a a pair of plastic sunglasses, seashell (not with pointy edges), etc.

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Here are some Planning ideas for a Hawaiian Luau:


A ballroom or backyard area can easily be transformed into a tropical

paradise with tropical foliage like: tropical palms, plants, & exotic

flowers (Orchids, Hibiscus, Heliconia or Bird of Paradise).


Usage of small trees, such as the 5ft. Banana Tree, a 3ft. plant, a

Heliconia or Bird of Paradise arrangement have been very popular as

centerpieces for a buffet table or salad bar.


Raffia Table Skirts will add a festive look to your buffet tables.

Trim with real leis or silk flower leis for an elegant look. Bamboo

Torch Candlesticks trimmed with real or silk tropical flowers sit

beautifully on tables.


Centerpieces utilizing real fruits are very popular. A pineapple

placed in the center of a real flower lei or silk flower lei with

cocktail umbrellas stuck into the pineapple is a simple arrangement.

Add a coconut next to the pineapple for an additional accent.


Lighted centerpieces are also very popular. Some ideas might include:

rectangular lighted boxes with limes or lemons placed in a row on top

for long buffet tables. For round tables, a gold 3ft. mini spandex

tower with palm leaves on top is elegant and sophisticated. Taller 6'

or 8' towers can be used around the room too. Tall glass vases filled

with Orchids, lemons or limes floating in water can be lighted from

below with LED light bases or lighted colored lampshades can be placed

on top to illuminate.


Beautiful elegant linens will transform your event location into a

party paradise. Lovely tablecloths like: Green Palm Leaves, Palm

Trees, Coral Reef Nights, Oceana Chiffon, Banana Leaf, Maui, Tutti

Fruiti, Tiki or Rain Forest can be used over coordinating solid

colored tablecloths for an elegant, sophisticated look. Visit our

sister site to view linen swatches on the tropical linens page.


Tropical Bandanas make great napkins for a Luau or Beach theme party.

Use a colorful silk flower slap bracelet for a beautiful napkin ring

or place a single exotic bloom on top of a solid colored cloth napkin.

For a beach bash a napkin tucked inside a pair of sunglasses is a cute



Affordable Ambiance! Make your luau theme decorations even more

spectacular with easy-to-use and affordable gossamer. Create festive

tropical backdrops or fabulous swags— the options are limitless! Deck

out your hall in a forest of tropical green with this green palm leaf

gossamer or cool off under the shade of this tropical palm tree gossamer.


Tropical Lighting:


Lighting is one of the important elements of any design. For parties

or informal events tiki torches can be used to line walkways and party

areas. Party lights in the shape of palm trees, flamingos, flowers &

etc can be strung around the room or used to accent tables.


Start out big with a Tiki Pavilion, add some Bamboo & Seashell

Torches, and you have a wonderful focal point for all your

festivities! Or try a Beachcomber Stand or Aloha Luau Hut.


Guests will love to walk through this Luau Party Arch or a lighted,

raffia cabana.


Gobos can be used to project photo-realistic images (pictures, line

drawings, logos) of just about anything onto walls, ceilings or a

stage areas. Imagine parrots in flight illuminating the sky of your

event room. Used alone, or in combination with other gobos, stunning

results can be achieved.


Games for the party:


Pass the Coconut


The players sit in a circle with one player holding a coconut. The

music (a Hawaiian tune) begins and the coconut is passed around the

circle until the music stops. The player holding the coconut when the

music stops is out. The music begins again and the play continues

until there is only one player left.




This is a game of elimination. Two players should stand about five

feet apart, facing away from each other. Each challenger holds his

raised foot behind him in one hand with a water pistol. On the signal

each flamingo turns around and tries to make the other contestant lose

his balance and drop his foot. The contestants may not touch each

other, but a squirt of water is part of the game. The winner takes on

the next challenger until there is only one player remaining.


Build a Sandcastle


If you're fortunate to have access to the beach, this activity is for

you! If not, you can always compromise by filling a couple kiddy pools

with sand. Divide your guests into teams and see which group can

build the best castle.


Treasure Hunt


People love treasure hunts.

So why not bury some small party favors in and around the

Backyard / party area and let them go at it.


Tug O' War


You will need the following items:

Rope - 20' long

Rope - 6' long

Tropical Bandana or some kind of cloth


Divide your guests into two equal teams.


Choose a large grassy or sandy area to play this challenge. Place the

6' rope on the ground in the middle of the chosen area. Have teams

line up in single file on either side of the center line, arms length

apart. Tie the bandana or cloth in the center of the 20' rope and

place over the center line. Each player grabs the tugging rope and at

the signal tries to pull the first member of the other team over the

center line.


Have fun! Gina :-D

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Just a quick add on - we did a luau day and instead of our regular morning bowling that day I bought a real coconut and we bowled with that! It was unique and fun, and helped to extend the theme throughout the day...

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Hey Diana,

I am glad you found the site. Since I am now doing daycare in my home, I have found that alot of the sites I use to keep the kiddies active can be adapted to use for some residents in various settings.

I do miss my seniors(I will go back to work with them in a few years), but for now, I will keep posting things that I know would be of interest to others still working with seniors.

Have fun!!! :-D Gina




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