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Our Profession, Where Are We?

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We seem to have a more active role in the facilities now that we did in the 80's and even in 90's. However I don't think we are where we should be yet. This seems to especially true in the LTC field. I do think that in AL we have grown alot and it seems to be growing field. I have noticed that comericals on TV put recreation when they are talking about retirement homes. The pay seems to be a little better than in the past but still a far cry from I think it should be. We just have to keep pushing and making it know what activites can do for res.

Hopefully we have gotten past the saying of" I wish I got paid to play games or finger paint."

The other day my 21 yrs. old was saying she thought of me (our profession) in that way until I had her work a summer with me. She has a new respect for us now! P

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Working in an Alzheimer's day center, I can say with confidence that my programs sell the place to perspective clients. All of you do too. Afterall, when a tour is being given and a great activity is going on,folks are happy and smiling, it's because of The Activity directors and their staff. Sometimes you dont always get the praise you want from the administration or appreciation.(I am lucky to have a great administrator). However the clients and family members realize how hard you work. I know I dont get paid what I should, but how many people can say that their profession enriches the lives of others and that they have fun doing it.?

Until then, everyone keep up the good work! :-)

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