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Recycling Program


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Does anyone have a recycling program in your facility and do you have your residents participate in it?



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We USED to have a gentleman that crushed cans & they were stored in the maintenance room, his son helped him take them in to be recyled. But since he's no longer with us, we really don't.

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We don't, but here's one I've heard of...take all your old newspapers and you can also have old newspapers donated...have your residents rip them up into strips and place into a large bag...contact an animal shelter and ask if they use shredded paper for the cages first...If they do, you can donate them...this is great especially for lower functioning residents who can rip paper easily and it is a simple task. ie: alzheimer's, MR residents, and even for higher functioning residents who always want a job or love animals.

Maybe once you have a good repoire with the animal shelter they will start to do pet visits or something for you...it's great community service. Heather D.

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