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I sure hope I spelled that right...LOL. I am in a venting mood. I was a theatre major and actress and have grown up in the theatre and around artsy people...so I am used to Divas and to tell the truth, I can be one myself....BUT....these entertainers who come in and want to pick at everything just really chaps me. I love all of the ladies and gents who come in and entertain us...for the most part... But there is one every now and then that wants to BE PAID, borrow our equipment, and for me to get it ready for them. My Aunt owns an entertainment agency based in nashville. She has entertainers all over the world and even the ones who are VERY successful (not just on the retirment home circut) are responsible for setting up their own shows (or have roadies). The space is not good enough, the dog bothered them, the chair was not right....To tell the truth, maybe THIS HOME is just not right for them. Here is the problem...the residents liked them :roll: But then again they like EVERY entertainer that come here...LOL. I am very hospitable to everyone who comes to our home, entertainers, therapists, families, volunteers....whoever walks in the door...so I am not saying I will do nothing for them but come on....


Ok...venting over and now I feel much better.



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Guest Guest_xpresns

hello my friend I have found in my 16 years as AD that you must take charge of all of your activities be it with guest, entertainers ,employees, assistants or who ever always be kind but always make it known what your expectations and goals are from the start stress the fact that you are there for the residents and will accept help and ideas from any and all that feel that they have something to offer that will provide a better quality of life for your residents make sure that they understand that you will make every effort to encourage residents to attend these functions and events that they may provide should they choose to do so, but as for the presentationand execution of these events be it musical theatrical recreational or what ever will be the responsibility of those presenting the activity!

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