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Activity Directors - Smoothing out the bumps.. Boomers VS. Gen.Z

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Generation Z is pulling a Z snap on Baby Boomers and in true Generation Z fashion, there’s a meme about it. ‘OK, Boomer’ is popping up everywhere on the Internet as a clap back to all the Boomers’ criticism of the younger generation. The Boomers have been vocal in dismissing Generation Z as a privileged, lazy population with their heads up in the clouds. Accusations of wide spread Peter Pan Syndrome have been popularly noted and expressed from the older generation. Their judgements have not fallen on deaf ears. The response from Generation Z is a message of anger and blame. Gen Z believes the Boomers are out of touch and to blame for the state of an alleged failing economy, environmental protections, political and human equanimity, and so forth.
My Opinion
I could never promote blame in any way. The only way to move forward is to focus forward. I believe there is many merits to both sides and collaboration would benefit us all. The experience and wisdom of the Boomer generation is something that cannot be devalued. Wisdom must never be ignored for evolution’s sake. The enthusiastic creativity generated by youthful dreaming is of equal value. Two parts that make a beautiful whole. Mother Theresa famously stated that she would never attend an anti-war rally. However, if invited to a peace rally she would attend without hesitations. I believe the path forward is to focus on the solution, as well.

For Activity Directors, Inter-generational planning is one of the most important programs we can maintain to keep our residents healthy and full of life. How do we prevent generational divides from affecting our ability to bring people together? Truthfully, we almost have an obligation to at least try. Our place in the facility and the community positions us in one of the prime spots to have a real impact on healing the divide.
Ways Forward
  1. Focus on Commonality
    The best place to start in any divide is to first focus on what is in common between the sides. This brings neutrality and a willingness to find friendship, for your purpose of building connections. Gen Z believes Boomers are unwilling to make changes and are stuck in their ways, so to speak. However, Boomers were responsible for the massive social changes that took place in the 60’s and 70’s. One could draw a straight line of positive change from the plight of their cause to the causes taking center stage now. It is all a dream of freedom in one form or another. Humans in general have that in common and it is a good place to start in your planning. What can you plan that would focus on this commonality? Is there a holiday you could utilize to educate on this common thread?
  2. Trade Wisdom
    Create an environment where wisdom is traded and therefore valued. Your facility is stocked with almost all generations. Host workshops where different talents are shared. Younger individuals can teach a short lesson on using technology. Your residents can teach on history, taxes, carving, stamp collecting, etc. Most talents are dictated by the era in which one is raised. Utilize this to bring people together. What’s old is new.
  3. Get Real
    We all have stereo types. We all have judgments. This is a built in system meant to keep us safe and sometimes it goes overboard. This is a fact we shouldn’t work against. The important thing is to end all discussions of conflict with a solution put forward. Have group discussions with your residents about their grievances. Listen to their frustrations about the world as it is now. Of course, it is frustrating to watch the younger generation disappear into a sea of screens. It is equally frustrating to look back and see no action being taken to prevent some of the biggest problems we all now must shoulder. Discuss these things. Read newspaper articles. Talk about this meme. Get real about what is happening. Then talk about solutions and highlight the positive. Talk about what ties us all together.
BUY Now!
Activity Directors Network was founded in 1996 on the idea that we could help create elderly care that dramatically improved the lives of those we all serve. Activity Directors are the key to creating environments that we ourselves would be excited to live in. We envision facilities that feel like homes, not institutions. Facilities that celebrate our resident’s individuality and allows them to live with dignity, purpose and joy. We believe providing the best education available, with the most talented teachers we can find, is the way to make an impact. Each and every single one of you are the revolution that is changing everything. Thanks for being a part of The Network.

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  • both post support for the NAAPCC Credentialing Center
    Comments From Students
     Thank you for correcting the information that was released. I recently took the test for certification with NAAPCC and it was a very comprehensive and thorough test. It was not a simple easy test to get you certified. You had to know the information in order to complete and pass. I would recommend this avenue to anyone especially if finances are a struggle for MEPAP I & II. I did purchase the book for long-term care seventh edition and without that I would have struggled.
    Connie Gangwish, AP-BC Colorado
    reprinted with permission

    To: Activity Directors Network
    Celeste is awesome!! Anytime i have a question she gets right back with me and she is very informative. At first I didn't know if i was going to like the new course just for the fact my MEPAP course was the own pace and I work Full time plus have 3 kids. But i am loving it! It is very structured and with due dates I feel like i am holding myself more accountable for completed assignments sooner than later. It has actually been a beneficial change for me.. Thanks so much!!!
    L Williams reprinted with permission

    To: Activity Directors Network
    Good Evening I wanted to let you know that I had completed mepap 1 and had only a couple weeks left of mepap 2 so I had looked at path 2 and have taken the activities test and passed so just sending in the application. I wanted to thank you for giving all your time to us even while Kathy was ill. It didn't go unnoticed, you was a great support and helpful at ideas or even different ways of changing thoughts to positive while feeling defeated. Thank You Stacey Passa AP-BC
    reprinted with permission
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