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Senior Olympics

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I am new to this website and I am hoping that someone can give me some advice on how to organize a "senior olympics" in my retirement home. Maybe some ideas on different games to play.

Thank you for any advice possible.

Diane :lol:

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Guest Guest_jessie38


Every year we have Junior/Senior games. Preferably the day after school gets out. And invite the local 4-h kids and they can invite freinds and they participate in 3 games, they team up with the residents and they all enjoy it both young and old and it gets the kids to interact with the elderly. We award metals which aren't expensive and also cook hamburgers and chips and soda's. The games consist of a slipper kick, which the residents get to kick the slippers off and then the kids get a chance the farthest kicking team wins. the other is a beachball throw where the kids hold a trash can and the resident throws the ball in the can, the kids have fun with this one they will move the can all over so theyre senior partner will make the can. the other is the tp roll which is a roll of toliet paper slide onto a dowel the resident is seated and the kids team up with a resident and see who can pull all the toliet paper off first, the kids have a 10 foot distance that they have to go and drop that end of the toliet paper then run back and grab some more. We having our junior/senior games this friday



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We had a senior olympic themed idea last year durring the Olympics. I was working with Independant Living, at the time. we had a blast. I found a big bag of summer type games at wal mart on clearance since summer was winding down (v-ball, pool games, horse shoes and other things like that for 5 bucks!!!) I just set up these games and we all had fun. Throughout the fun we had a snow cone machine going, hot dogs, and nachos. Of course the food was a bigger hit than the fitness, food is always a hit, ya know. We had some set up outside in our activity courtyard, in the club room, and around our indoor pool. The food was set up ion the club room by the bar area. I miss the "space" I had at my .last job when I think about all of this stuff. LOL.


Just relax and have fun. Good luck.



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We used to do Olympics w/ other area NH, but d/t decline in resident's levels of functioning, most have opted not to travel to other facilities now, but we still do events here at our facility. Some of our most popular events are:


Bed Pan Races (new bed pans w/ a certain amount of water, resident holds pan in lap while being wheeled by a volunteer to finish line, water is measured & the resident w/ the most water at the end, wins.)


Card tournaments


Spelling Bees


Cow Milking (BY FAR our most popular event) - I had a staff person who was very talented & drew a cow on a large piece of cardboard, she then painted it & cut it out. We used water & gloves attached for utters. We set a timer & the fun began! Whoever had milked the most at the end of whatever our time limit was, was the winner. It was the first event to be filled w/ contestants & the most watched event.


We've also done "Winter Olympics" in January, just to help w/ the Minnesota winter blah's we get, especially after the holidays. We usually have plenty of snow, & of course we stay indoors, but we bring in snow to have a snow ball throwing contest. We are a VERY Scandinavian area & we have do a "lefse throwing constest", but use soft shell taco shells. It's really a blast!


Be sure to use ribbons, trophies, etc, & do an awards ceremony! Involve your local newspaper, take pics for your newsletter, & if you have a web-site, include information there, too.


Have fun!

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