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Guest Donna O

Activities In An Assisted Living Home

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Guest Donna O

Hi, I work in an assisted living home in a rural area with many residents who are

mainly "retiring" and want action!. Suggestions beyond the normal activities would be helpful. Thanks

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If you have transportation, I would go on outings. Even if you just ride around town, they love it! They like Men and Women's clubs. We have found that our assisted ladies love puzzles. We are looking into taking over an old dining room for such things. Woodworking is popular with the men. Have you taken a survey? That would be a good place to start.



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Hey Donna,

1. What about going to the local mall in the morning and "power walking" with the residents around the mall.

2. Call a local florist,bakery,dance studio,mary kay consultant,etc. to come in and give your residents a class.

3.Have a night trip to the local horse/dog races.

4.Plan a trip to a local casino/gambling hall/Bingo hall.

5.Get a hold of the "Red Hat Society" and start up a chapter at your facility.

6.Hold a potluck every Friday night.

7.Have a weekly trip to the local senior center in your community,they usually have pretty cool stuff happenin'.

8.Make up flyers and put around your community for a "Singles mixer/dance".

9.Go to Home Depot or Lowes on a Saturday for a free workshop.

10.Hold a Summer Craft sale/ Bazzar, sell items that your residents have made(afgans,bookmarkers,needlepoint,etc)

11.Make a bowling league with your residents and go bowling weekly.

12.Have your residents get a "cause" such as a local battered womans shelter,childrens ward in a local hospital,and help them out ( hold a can food,toy drive,make baby blankets,etc)

I hope these will help to get 'ya thinking outside the box!

Have fun! Gina

:-D :-D :-D

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Guest Tinki



Was that all off the top of your head? Lots of good ideas1


Karen :-D

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