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Residents Wishes


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:hammer: I need some help. I think one of my residents is having her rights violated, but I'm not quite sure.I would like some input before I bring it up to anyone in my facility, as most there would think its a small matter. I have a residents who is under 55 who wants to have her pills crushed (I have seen some of her meds, and can sympathize with her). However the Clinical Nurse Specialist who follows her has said that in order to do that, she would also have to have her diet changed to a puree diet. Its this Specialists belief that if she can eat a regular diet, then she should take her pills whole. In reading over several copies of Residents Rights, I have come across one that I think pertains to this problem. That is her right to to a resonable accommodation of her individual needs or preferences. I dont see that this would present any health or safeyt issues for this resident. I mean even I have trouble swallowing Tylenol sometimes. Thats why I prefer BC powder for a headache. I know that when I do bring it up, some in my facility will see it as me trying to cause trouble. But preserving a residents rights is more important to me. Is there anyone out there who thinks that I might be going overboard?? Or is this really a problem? I have only been an activity director for two years and I have never had any problems with a residents rights being viloated. I could really use any input/suggestions/or just tell me I'm going overboard. :-? Thanks

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Hmmm, violation is such a big word in this incidence.


Her right to have the pills crushed is definetly something that needs to be addressed and care planned. I don't think that the specialist needs to go to extrems of saying she needs to go on a puree diet - that's definetly going overboard! It appears to be just a preference. Involve your DON and Social Worker - they may be on your side.


My thought is NOT to refer to it as a violation, just simply "Resident's Right to prefer for the meds to be crushed". You don't want anyone to get defensive, unless you feel as though they aren't listening to you.

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Guest dchurch

;-) Hi! Thought I would let you know that she has the right to request that her pills be crushed. Yes, it needs to be cared planned and we fax doctor letting them know that this is her preferance and is it okay? She has the right to ask for accomedations as long as she is not harming herself or others. I am an Activity Director, Social Service Assistant and Medication Aide, C.N.A. Hope this helps. dchurch,NEBRASKA

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I think that the person that gives the meds was out of line. I know that some meds cannot be crushed or chewed and that is why the physician needs to be contacted first (well, they should be contacted before anything is changed). I would say that the residents rights are violated by the response of the person giving the meds. At our facility, any suspected violation has to be reported or you will be fired if you knew about the violation and didn't report it. I would rather be safe than sorry. Everyone should be informed of what they need to do in such cases through a resident's rights training.



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