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French Theme Day

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Hi Everyone!


I was hoping to plan a French culture theme day for May - I've got the title:

'Chez Paris' and need a few ideas to complete the day.


Does anyone have any creative ways to decorate a facility for this day? Or any activities that I can run that would celebrate French life?


Thanks in advance for your help:)



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I'm doing a "Germany Travel Day." A few days before the event we'll make German flags using craft paper and hang them in the hall. I'm going to use the German colors for the plastic table cloths and same colors for streamers in the common room. On large pieces of colored craft paper I'll put German words and the English equivalent. I've collected German dolls, beer steins, books, maps and other "stuff" that will be out on a table for the residents to look at and pick up. I'll have German music playing and will serve traditional German snack food and non-alcoholic German beer. My daughter is going to wear her dirndle (sp?), but can't find anyone to wear the lederhosen! I'll have printouts of a few areas in Germany with important facts about that region/town. I'm looking into booking a volunteer German group for singing or dancing. Hope this gives you a few ideas.

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