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Resident Jobs

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We have several residents that would benefit from having a regular job. Any ideas for other jobs would be appreciated. Our facility is resident centered care. We allow them to choose for themselves to work.


We have a lower functioning resident that passes out clothing protectors before meals. Another would love to help, but doesn't want to take over.


Need a job specifically for a woman who is legally blind, but gets around well.


One makes beds in the Alzheimers unit, we then have to re-make them of course. She loves to work though and sweeps the kitchen and the patio.

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If you have any library book deliveries on a regular basis ( we have books delivered to our facility every 6 weeks) you could have a resident assigned to go room to room ( or only to residents who enjoy reading) with a book cart?


Or a resident could be assigned to help welcome new residents, and introduce them around.


Hope this helps:)

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