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Regs On Animals In Your Facility?

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I have a question... I have 3 cockateils and one parakeet in my facility, I have a pet protocol and waiver from the state. However when getting ready to get the birds check up the Vet informed me these are the worst birds I could have in a facility, they carry many diseases and two can be fatal to people with comprimised immune systems. (Cockateils) I did my homework on-line and saw that these diseases can be transmitted to humans. I am at a loss of what to do. We now know the birds can be harmful and the bloodwork needed to test the birds is 350.00 per bird. we do not have the funds to have the blood work done. One of our residents is extremely attached to these birds. What are your opinions on this difficult matter? Thansk :-?

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How are they carried? Through touch? If so, then don't let residents touch them-- install plexiglass with holes at top or whatever to prevent it. If it is carried through air, then maybe you should consider getting rid of them---- but how long have you had them.... has the state given you any problems at all? You could always ask the state and see what they say.

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