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Ok, heres my problem. I have a hospice client that refuses any kind of activity. If i try to sit and talk (a little 1:1 visit) she will say 'just leave me alone'. HOWEVER, she has really taken to the hospice worker that comes in once or twice a week to just sit and visit with her. And she will talk to him too. NOW will I be able to count on my participation record as a visit w/ family or friends???Or should I put it under the Talking/Conversing/Telephone? I have the generic Briggs forms and those are the only two I could find that i might be able to put it under. OR since it is a Hospice worker, am I even able to count it as an Activity? Does any of this even make sense? :-o Please I'm desperate to find out!

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I have just recently started in this field, but having watched it for a bit before I came in, and talking to the old AD, it seems to me, that the problem is not that unusual.


Maybe count it under volunteer activity? And if you are aware it happens regularly, talk to that person, let them know they would be doing you and the patient a great favor, and kind of delegate their visits, so that you can count it!


Every little bit helps right?


P.S. Welcome to the AD Brigade!

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I have had this exact scenerio countless times in my career. Often it is the case in a Hospice situation that the patient wants little if anything to do with activities. I have always maintained that this is fine if that is the patients choice. I would be sure to document that the patient prefers independent and 1:1 visits wtih the hospice volunteers versus group programming or 1:1 with activity staff. I would also add the tag line 'resident expresses no desire for new/different activity at this time; act. staff will continue to offer brief 1:1 contact as resident tolerates'. By all means mention the volunteer visits in your progress notes. I have not made it my practice to record volunteer visits on my department atttendance log because I reserve that record for actual therapeutic care plan driven documentation that my staff or I deliver.

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Just to add a bit to the discussion, remember, if it's an activity meaningful to that resident, it's an activity. I had a resident who sat near the nurse's station, because he liked watching what was going on, but did not like to be involved in "groups". That was pretty much his activity. But it was his choice/preference. Be sure to document, document, & oh yeah, document.

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