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Easter Fun


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Easy Easter Craft Idea:


Easter Candy Carrots


You will need:

Disposable clear plastic cake-decorating icing bags

(sold where cake decorating items are sold)

Orange Jelly Beans


Green Tissue Paper

Twist ties



Fill an icing bag with orange jelly beans,leaving some room at the top of the bag.

Cut out two -8 inch squares of green tissue paper,and place one on top of the other,then place on top of the icing bag and twist the tissue paper and tie with the twist tie,if done correctly,this will look like a carrot.

These make cute center pieces for Easter...... :lol:

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Easy Easter Bunny Pins


This activity is so easy.


You will need:

1 bag of white pom-poms or cotton balls

sqiggley eyes

glue gun

glue sticks

1 sheet of pink foam or pink felt

1 bag of pin backings(or saftey pins,but the pin backings last longer)



Take two pom-poms or cotton balls and glue one on top of another(for the body).

Let dry.Then glue the eyes on the top cotton ball for the face and make small bunny ears of of the pink felt or foam and glue onto top of head.Then glue pin backing onto the back and let dry.These are so easy that most of your higher funtioning residents can make a few each and then you can pass out to all the residents to wear in April to celebrate Easter.

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Bird Feeders:


You will need:


Clean empty 2-litter soda bottles(one for each person)




5lb bag of Bird seed


Clear string or fishing wire



Give each person a plastic bottle(pre-cut a fist size square out of one side of the bottle).

Let each person decorate their bottle anyway they like( paint,glitter,stickers)and fill with bird seed.

Hang up with wire/string for the birds to use.

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Flower Pot w/Candy


You will need:


terra cotta flower pot

acrylic paints

puff paint

construction paper


large lollipop





Paint the pot,as desired,let dry.For the flower,cut out some paper petals and tape to the back of a large lollipop,wrap the lollipop stick with green paper to make a stem,then "plant" it in the pot.Make a leaf with green construction paper,add the persons name onto the leaf.Fill the pot with easter candies,such as eggs,gummy worms,etc.Write an easter greeting on the outside of the pot with the puff paint,if desired.Let dry. :lol:

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Easter Games for Alzheimers Residents:



Texture Basket- Cut pairs of egg shapes from different textures(sandpaper,felt,corduroy,silk.etc).Place one of each into a basket and set the rest out on the table.To play the game,let your residents take turns choosing an egg shape from the table then closing their eyes while they reach into the basket to find its match.


Chicks in Eggs-Collect five large plastic eggs.Number the eggs from 1-5 by drawing on sets of dots,example:1dot on one egg,2 dots on next egg,etc.

Then cut out 15 small chick shapes from yellow construction paper.Set the chick shapes and the eggs on the table,let your residents take turns counting the dots on the eggs and filling them with the matching number of chicks.


Easter Egg Puzzle - Cut several large egg shapes out of colorful posterboard,and cut into two pieces for each egg.Then have your residents try to put together.


Egg Matching game-Get 20 index cards,on two cards make two matching egg shapes,do this on all the cards,doing each set of eggs with different colors of eggs.

Then turn the cards over and have your residents take turns matching the colored eggs.Whoever has the most matching pairs wins.

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Jelly Bean Toss:

This game is so easy !!


You will need:


A couple bags of jelly beans(the 99 cent store has them for 3/99)

A cup



Have your residents sit in front of the cup and try to toss jelly beans into the cup.

whoever gets the most in wins! This game is so simple but is alot of laughs!

Jelly Bean Guessing Game:


You will need:

A large bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

A blindfold




Blindfold your residents and have them guess what flavor jelly beans they are eating.This game is fun and yummy!!

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Hey all although easter is tomorrow I thought I would post what we did for easter, as well as get people to post what they did for easter.


We started our day out as usual with morning exercise, My Assisted living residents did there friday weight workout.


At 10 we had some children come from a local school and decorate easter eggs with those residents who were interested. We had so many neat eggs and even had one young man about the age of 8 or so play the piano which my residents loved. After all 5 dozen eggs were decorated we had some kida make some easter cupcakes in our kitchen and others sat and talked with residents, They ended there visit by passing out cookies that they had brought. It was very nice, and the residents enjoyed seeing them. Much discussion on what they were wearing, how our eggs turned out, and what easters where like when they were children.


Then at 2 we had our Easter party, we had an entertainer come out and play, (she is one of our resident favorites) we served the cupcakes and punch, I made it a point to make all of my lady residents to get up and dance one dance with me, (new tradition, I get to dance with all of them) It was awesome!!!

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Hi guys!

Spring break is here and we just had our Easter Egg Hunt (easier because we were able to get more kids during Spring Break). It was wet and raining outsite so we had it in our dining room. With 40 kids it was interesting!


We put the residents in a circle and had the kids pair up with as many residents as we could. WE had a balloon toss (balloons had prizes written on little papers on the inside), Egg Hunt, Fun Jigs for the residents to do (hokey pokey, hop like a bunny, hop like a frog, say their ABC's, etc). I even had a drawing for the residents to win prizes. I had a lab center, an ambulance company and hospice company provide all the eggs and candy I needed! They loved donating and I loved receiving!


What other ideas do you guys have for Easter celebration?

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Sounds like a lot of fun Diana!!


We're coloring Easter Eggs next week. I never have doen an Easter Egg Hunt, never really was able to organinze it. We are playing an Easter Bingo (we all know how there is never enough bingo), and on Easter Sunday we are having a social with the families.



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We are also coloring eggs, we will decorate sugar cookies w/ pretty spring colors for afternoon coffee, we are playing our Easter Bingo, & my Red Hat's group will be making table place settings of "Easter Hats". (Styro cups heated in an oven until they start to shrink into a hat shape - then the group paints them.) I've done a modified version of an egg hunt (had a DON at one time that didn't think leaving eggs around was a good idea no matter how much convincing I did). But - we printed out computer pictures of eggs, had a few residents cut them out, the I hid them throughout our facility. The resident who found the most, won.


I'm very jealous of those of you able to hold out-door Easter egg hunts.... Today in Minnesota, we are patiently waiting on a snowstorm that is predicted to bring 8 - 10" of snow! :< Some much for Sunday being the first day of Spring! Happy St. Pat's!

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HELP ME!! My entertainment for our Easter party on Friday, called me and cancelled...I plan on playing the easter bunny, but its not something i have ever done before....Please someone...give me some ideas on what types of things to do..i have 75 kids coming to hunt easter eggs and we always have a little 15 minute show first...I'm in desperate need of help...I have been unable to find a new clown on such short notice...any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!!


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Try to ask around at work to see if any co-workers husbands or wives would be able to fill in for the 15 minutes. Theres usually someone with a wacky spouse that can easily do a couple balloon tricks or stunts. Or have a clown contest and provide residents or guests a chance to dress and act as clowns. Good Luck!!



ElderCare Activities Guide


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It is strange to have Easter in March! What are you planning?


We have so much snow, our kids' easter egg hunt will be inside again. We have kids from families and staff come in to hunt for filled plastic eggs that are hidden all over the home. I put little slips of paper into 6 of the eggs for special prizes at the end. The kids have enjoyed the hunt, and so have some of the wanderers! We plant grass in quart size plastic paint containers about 2 weeks before Easter and use the grass as a live Easter basket centerpiece on tables. We wrap the containers with Easter basket cellophane after will fill the baskets with a few eggs. The staff and residents sneak into them at meal time..which is what we secretly intend anyway.

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We are dyeing easter eggs and also making chorosis for passover-- all in one day because the holidays are so close together.


If you need a good and very easy recipe for chorosis here it is:


6 apples-- peeled, cored and shredded

3/4 cup sweet grape wine- like Manischevitz (you can also just use grape juice like Kadeem)

3 handfuls of ground walnuts

2 Tbsp cinammon


Mix all together and serve


I got this from www.cooks.com

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