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March Ideas


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We just did a St. Patrick's Day craft that went over really well, we made


St. Patrick's Day Buttons


Green foam paper

small magnets, 2 per person

sharpie pens


gold glitter


and it went over really well, double my regular craft attendance. They all wanted to make a bit of green to wear to not get piniched tomorrow! I cut out a four leaf clover cardboard piece about 3" by 3", and we traced the clover on the foam, then cut it out and they wrote things like "Kiss Me I'm Irish" on the foam with a sharpie. Then they put glue on the foam and we shook glitter over them. I hot glued one magnet on the back of each, the pins can be secured on clothing with the other magnet without the trouble of pinning something. They loved it!

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Hey all how was your St. Patricks Days?

Well we had 2 partys all in the same day.. It was awesome.


First we had a potluck, We made Corn Beef and cabbage for our residents and staff and had staff bring in other foods, We had our unit decorared in St. Patrick stuff, We hired a Irish story teller to come out and sing and tell Irish Stories. Our admin and and Director of SNF all pitched in with the clean up and cooking...


Than an hour and a half later we had another entertainer come in and sing some music, we passed out cake I had to resolve fights on who can dance with me.. Little old ladies can be very possesive.. 8-) It was AWESOME!!!!

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Hi Miguel,

It sounds like you had a fun day! it must be fun to be a young man in our profession,(lots of attention),anyway just wanted to say hi :lol: Gina

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Does anyone have any good ideas for a fun St. Patrick's Day Party? Any game ideas? We usually have table top bowling on thursdays which is St. Pat's day. We could dress up the bowling pins to look like leprechauns. LOL

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Hi, iwendland! :-)


Our residents love our St. Patrick's Day Irish Potato Party. We back a bunch of potatos and lay out a large variety of topping ingredients. It really is a popular party/activity. We also invite a group of entertainers who play traditional Celtic music on hammered dulcimer, violin, guitar and ancient Celtic percussion instruments. Lots of fun!!!! :pint:


Best Wishes, :hammer:


Linda Lucas, AD ;-)

Owner: The Activity Director's Office

Address: http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com

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I couldn't resist - here is a website of IRIS BLESSINGS - some are great! Here's a sample :
"As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction."

"Walls for the wind
And a roof for the rain,
And drinks beside the fire.
Laughter to cheer you
And those you love near you.
And all that your heart may desire"

It goes on and on!


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8-) Hi! recently my residents voted on not having a St. Patricks day party. They said they wanted to do little activities throughout the day. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what I could do. I'm at a loss. Usually they want a party for every holiday. Need help! thanks :hammer:

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An Irish Pub theme is always great. I've done it a few times. For fitness you could do an Irish Themed Fitness and incorporate interesting movements realted to St. Patty's Day. You could also serve gingerale at The Irish Pub and put two drops of green food colouring in each glass - it is not harmful and in turn you will have fake green beer to serve at the pub.


For a Baking Program - cupcakes and decorate them with gold coins and green frosting.


I have a ton of ideas and they are all adaptable to varying client levels, if you email me at JBean@ACTIVITYDIRECTOR.COM I can get your fax number and fax them to you.



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Hey All,


March Events a few for you to take note of: (Be sure to Google these to be sure that they dates are correct, since some of the vary from year to year)

National Doctor's Day celebrated 26th since 1990 website: www.sma.org

LTC Administrators Week 19-23 website: www.achca.org

National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week 11-17 (check dates) website www.aacvpr.org

National Social Workers Month website www.socialworkers.org

Employee Appreciation Day 3

Human Resources Week 6-12



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Guest Tinki

Jell-O Jamboree (Mar -2)


Description : -Have a party to celebrate the invention of Jell-O. On March 2, 1897 Mrs. P.B. Wait, wife of the gelatin dessert inventor, named her husbands invention Jell-O


Materials :

1 Box of every flavor of Jell-O

Instructions :


# In preparation of the party make all the various flavors of Jell-O.

# Use creative cookie cutters to make fun cut outs to serve the residents.

# Let the residents try out all the different flavors. Have your residents votes on their favorite flavor!


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Guest Tinki

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