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How Much Does It Cost To Get Certified

Guest evon

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Guest evon

Hi-I run a facility in Pasadena,CA and want to get one of my staff certified as an activity director.I think it is important to be certified. How much does it cost and typically how many hours is the certification.


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Hi Evon,

I agree that it is very important that your staff be trained in any of the firelds that they work in. This will help they in their work and self-confindence in doing that job. Also this would be a plus for the facility and especially fo rthe residents.

As far as getting someone certified to be activity director certified there are several options that can be followed.


Here are the required ways become certified. ADPC Certification (listed near the end of this) may be of use to your employee, depending on their education level and/or money.



Each of these levels has differing TRACKS to help you obtain your certification.

Each of these TRACKS has, at minimum, three qualifying components:

A. Academic Education

B. Activity Experience

C. Continuing Education


Activity Director Certified (ADC)

Track 1 - Bachelor's Degree

Track 2 - Associate's Degree

Track 3 - 60+ College Semester Credits

Track 4 - 12+ College Semester Credits


*Below is the track used for ADPC*

Track 4


1. 90-Hour Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals Part 1 and the 90-Hour Practicum (Basic Education Course).

2. 90-Hour Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals Part 2 and 90-Hour Practicum (Advanced Management Course).

3. 12 semester college credits (cannot include #1 and #2 (must include an English PLUS 1 other required coursework area).



4. 6,000 hours activity experience within the past 5 years.



30 clock hours (Body of Knowledge) within past 5 years.




Activity Director Provisionally Certified (ADPC)


ACTIVITY DIRECTOR PROVISIONALLY CERTIFIED (ADPC): The Activity Director Provisionally Certified is one who is working towards requirements to meet NCCAP standards for ADC certification.

Certification is provisional for 6 years, and nonrenewable after that time.

To maintain provisional certification it must be renewed every 2 years during the 6 years with 30 clock hours.

By the end of the 6-year period, all 5 components must have been met to be ADC Track 4 (or meet ADC certification standards from Track 1, 2 or 3).

* This level can only be applied for one time.

(The ADPC must meet three of the five standards in Track 4.)


All tracks must have the MEPAP 1 (Basic) and MEPAP 11 (Advance) courses. Each requires the 90 hours and 90 hours of practicum. So this would be 180 for the Basic and 180 fo rthe Advance. Some instructors will allow you to use your work towards your practicum. (I don't believe this has changed, but it has been years since I had to take the courses)


The MEPAP Courses can be taken in a class room enviroment at a Community College or by a local Instructor. It can also be taken on the Internet as well as a home study course.

*I personnal like the class room enviroment. Depending on the expernice level of the person, new to the field then I would take MEPAP 1 in a class, for someone who has some knowledge then MEPAP 11 in a class room envirpment. The reason I prefer this is because the interaction with peers and the instructor is such a benefit and knowledge that can only be gained by this type enviroment.


The cost to apply for ADC through NCCAP is $65.00

ADCP is somewhere in this same area.

The courses cost can really vary. Your would need to research the options and compare the cost. They will more than likely all be over $100 per course.


I had to take 2 other courses to become nationally certified the Intro to TR (Theraputic Recreation or sometimes called TR 1) and TR.


In Texas you are required to sit in on the Exam to become certified. The 2 TR Courses were not requried to be state certified. So check with the laws of your state to see what is needed.

You can get detailed info. from National Certification Council for Activity Professionals


Also look on their web site for the Instructors in your area, they can tell when next course(s) are being offered.

On the bulletin board you will find a section that has a listing on classes offered on the internet and home study courses.


Well this is a lengthy reply but I hope it will help in answering your questions. Let me know if I can help in other way. Thanks Pennie

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In the State of California all that is required by the health department is a 36 hour class. I suggest that if you dont want to spend the $1000+ dollars it costs, get your assistant certified in at least the 36 hour class, In your area I believe the only class is at Chaffey Community College in Rancho Cucamonga. I feel that anyone who holds an Activity Director Position should have their NCCAP certification. An assistant would be good with just the state certification.


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Guest Guest_Kathy

There is a list available at www.nccap.org you can click on "MEPAP Course Instructor Listing" and read through the instructions. You will need to contact the instructors listed.

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