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Activity Ideas For Alzheimer And Dementia

Guest Alan Asano

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Guest Alan Asano

Does anybody have good activity ideas for alzheimers and dementia residents. Our survey is fast approching and I heard they are really looking at that specific thing.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. I do activities for tuem, but more ideas would be helpful.


Thanks everyone,



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Hi, Alan! :-)


Check out my site at http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com and look at the free downloads page. You will find a small article containing 100 Alzheimer/Dementia Activities. Also check out Inventive Play and Alternative Solutions sites.


There are many other places that can be of help to you also.


Best wishes, ;-)

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Hi Alan,

Good Luck with your survey. I have a lot of experience with Alz.and dementia. The surveyors will be looking for small groups. If they are all in a big group circle sleeping, that will be bad. You may want to use a higher functioning resident to help you lead a group if you don't have enough staff. Sing a longs and giving the residents instruments to play so all can be involved is nice for them to see. Get a punch ball balloon and toss it around for them to do exercise.Its great for getting all involved.Make sure your activity calendar addresses the later stages and says sensory in it. Hope this helps.Let me know if you need more help.

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Hi Alan,

When I had my survey the surveyors like the fact that I had many short activities throughout the day.We do many "lifeskills activities" also such as folding clothes,sorting the utencils for meals,sweeping or vaccuming,seting up tables for lunch,etc. We also do an afternoon walk( for my sundowners) called the Sunshine Club,(they liked that one!). We have a dog, a rabbit, fishes and birds that we take care of also, my residents love the animals.

We also go out once a week to McDonalds for lunch and once a week to drive around and look at the city for our "Joyride".

We have a What's Cooking group that makes easy recipes each week(tuna,fruit salad,grilled cheese (using the George Forman Grill).

We also have Lotions and Potions, this group gets hand and arm massages and aromatherapy( essental oils burning in crock pot).

I have made up tons of "sensory boxes". Examples, A beach box with sand ,shells,an ocean CD,pictures of the beach, ocean scent airfreshener,etc.

A circus box,peanuts,a clown doll,raffle tickets, a lion figurine.

A baby box,a baby doll, a diaper, baby lotion, baby powder,blankets, a bottle.

We also have a musical band each week where we use instruments that we made.

I hope these we help.

Have fun! Gina :-D


Oh by the way, I had a great survey,Good luck to you!!!

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We have a lot of sing-a-longs, garden club, flower arranging, a lot of crafts, spiritual readings,  a lot of sensory types of activities - one they really like is "Conversation boxes" where there will be 5 different boxes wrapped with colorful paper and an object inside. There is a hole large enough for them to put their hand in and feel the item in the box and they have to guess what the item is. It could be a ball, a banana, a pen, etc. We also have pet visits every week and a large aquarium.  

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I recently heard that you can make Bingo easier to play for memory care patients by using a bright color in the bingo squares rather than numbers.

I find reading is a wonderful way to calm and entertain a person with dementia.

And programs with animals, especially baby animals.

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