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February Activities


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Hi All,

Here is a really pretty and inexpensive gift idea/table topper for Valentines Day....


Champange Glass with Candy Hearts:


What you need:


1 plastic champange glass for each guest

Red ribbon

Candy Chocolate Hearts in red foil



This idea is so easy and looks really pretty on top of the tables for a Valentines Party.

All you do is wrap the ribbon around the champange glass and then tie a bow and then fill with chocolate hearts.Set on the tables and use for the Valentines toast at the party.

Have fun! Gina :)

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How I Love You is said around the world:


Bulgarian -Obicham te

Burmese -chit pa de

Cambodian- Bon sro lanh oon

Cambodian- kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah

Canadian -French Sh'teme

Cantonese- Moi oiy neya

Cantonese- Ngo oi ney

Croatian -LJUBim te

Danish- Jeg elsker dig

Dutch- Ik hou van jou

Dutch -Ik ben verliefd op je

Filipino -Mahal ka ta

Filipino -Iniibig Kita

Finnish- Mina" rakastan sinua

French -Je t'aime

French -Je t'adore

Gaelic -Ta gra agam ort

German -Ich liebe Dich

Greek- s'ayapo

Greek -(old) (Ego) philo su

Hungarian -Szeretlek[/color]

Hungarian- Szeretlek te'ged

Indonesian- Saya cinta padamu

Indonesian- Saya cinta kamu

Indonesian -Saya kasih saudari

Iranian -Mahn doostaht doh-rahm

Irish- taim i' ngra leat

Italian- ti amo

Italian- ti voglio bene

Japanese- Kimi o ai shiteru

Japanese- Aishiteru

Japanese -Chuu shiteyo

Japanese- Ora omee no koto ga suki da

Japanese- Ore wa omae ga suki da

Japanese- Suitonnen

Japanese-- Sukiyanen

Japanese -Sukiyo

Japanese- Watashi Wa Anata Ga Suki Desu

Japanese- Watashi Wa Anata Wo Aishithe Imasu

Japanese- Watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu

Japanese- Suki desu

Romanian- Te iu besc

Romanian- Te Ador

Russian- Ya vas liubliu

Russian -Ya tebya liubliu

Russian -Ya polubeel s'tebya

Russian- Ya Tibieh Lublue

Scot Gaelic- Tha gra\dh agam ort

Serbian- ljubim te

Spanish -Te quiero

Spanish -Te amo

Swedish- Jag a"lskar dig

Swiss-German -Ch'ha di ga"rn

Thai -Khao Raak Thoe

Thai- Phom Rak Khun

Vietnamese -Em ye^u anh

Vietnamese- Toi yeu em

Vietnamese- Anh ye^u em

Welsh- 'Rwy'n dy garu di.

Welsh -Yr wyf i yn dy garu di (chwi)

Yiddish -Ich libe dich

Yiddish -Ich han dich lib

Yiddish -Ikh Hob Dikh Lib

Yugoslavian- Ya te volim

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Hi everyone!

First, Happy Activity Professionals Weeks to all!!!!! What a fun week for us!


I am looking to change my Valentine Party to the morning this year, which is something I don't really want to do, because it is easier for me to finish my planning and preparation for the party throughout the day and have the party in the afternoon, especially since it falls on a Monday.


Also, since it's in the A.M., I don't want to do food, because lunch is served at 11:30 and then no one will be hungry for lunch - which dietary and nursing gets antsy about.


Okay, so here's my idea -

Doing crafts, funny Val superstitions, voting on King and Queen, taking pictures, etc and then serving the Valentine Desserts after lunch is served - so I'll have to hang around till all that is said and done.

Does anyone have any other fun ideas for the party to cover that time frame without serving refreshments? It'll be easier to start the party at 10:30. You know our residents, it's not a party unless there is food there to keep them there!


Help with your ideas!

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Hi guys, I have a fun month for February.


Not only do I have Valentine's Day, I also have the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo!


Last year we had mini horses come to the facility. We also took amazing picture with the residents dressed up with a cowboy hat, cowboy neckties (bandana material cut in strips) old time rifle, horseshoes, barrels of hay, etc. I had amazing family support this year.



The day the Rodeo kicks off, we also have the Cowboy Breakfast, in which Dept heads serve residents and staff breakfast at 7a.m.


Any other fun ideas for the Rodeo in the facility?

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:-) Hi, Just giving you my idea for this year Valentine's. I plan to have the residents crowned King & Queen at lunch time, There we will serve a special lunch that the residents have selected and a pianoist playing old love songs. That way you don't have to interupt their lunch with refreshment. Just thought I would share my idea. Hope everything workout for you.

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Sounds like you have a lot of fun events planned! We have a rodeo in our town every June ("Western Fest") & we too plan fun events. Our dietary dept is wonderful & plans a "Western Fest" dinner w/ our Resident's Council. Every year they pick a menu that might include grilled hot dogs, or hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, etc. We are also able to take a few trips w/ our facility bus to the rodeo grounds (this is before the rodeo starts for the evening). We're very fortunate in that the family that owns the land where the rodeo is held has family members that are residents in our facility & they are really helpful/accomodating. We even had the rodeo announcer stop by for coffee one year!


Have a hoe-down of a good time!

Stacie O.

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Guest Cindy V

Here's a great idea, many residents are widowed therefore do not have a date. When they think of valentines party without a date it is depressing. Ask family to make sure they have a teddy bear to bring as their date. Have them dress or decorate their bears you can even do the decorating the day before to get them excited about the tea party. Then call it a teddy bear valentine tea party

have a Teddy bear Contest. Award 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place; or King & Queen Teddy's; or Most patriotic, Most unique, Most antique, & make sure each one is awarded a certificate.

I have done this 4 years now and always is a great touch, they can't carry a Teddy bear and not smile when people look at their bear.

And They all have a Valentine They're Bear!


To all you AD's...

Here is my advice don't forget to take time for YOU, so you don't get burned out.



Cindy in Salem, OR

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I really love you're teddy bear val. ideal. What a great spin on this day. By crowning the bears instead of the res. I bet their are not as many hurt feelings. Any more special tricks up your sleeve :lol: do share please. P

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We'll have a little Valentine Party with snacks and punch on Val. Day in the afternoon and we'll play Valentine bingo with some little prizes. But the Thursday before, we have a band that plays western swing music every month, and we will crown the King and Queen about a half hour before they play. It's in the newsletter so some families will come, and we are going to hand everyone a Valentine scratch off lottery card (OrientalTrading) and have some prizes then. Our King and Queen is a penny per vote, going toward facility pet food and activities; we have 12 entrants. Our Family Night happens to fall on day after Valentine's so we will keep room decorated up until the 20th, when a resident's granddaughter is planning on getting married there so her grandma can attend! Switch gears after that for the MardiGras party on the 22nd-then we can pass out! But I hope I can remember that Teddy Bear idea for next year! I love that!

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Guest amy jackson

What we do at my facility is have a special sitdown dinner. All residents "dress up" and the staff serves them dinner. (We normally go through a line like a cafeteria.) We decorate the dining room with balloons, valentines etc. and have love songs playing on the cd player throughout dining room. We have off to one side a liitle place where you can come and have your picture taken by yourself or with your "valentine". I asked residents in advance to give me pictures of themselves and their spouse. We display them in a display case with their names typed up in front of picture. We also decorate the display case in Valentine's theme... like pink satin material on the bottom of case. with pictures on top..old love letters tied up and pearls necklaces strewn here and there. We also tie "Wedding bands" together with red or pink ribbon. This is a wonderful reminiscing corner. :-)

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Just a reminder, February 7 - 11th is Food Service Week.


Don't forget to thank your Dietary Staff - what would we do without them!!!!


Anyone have anything they want to share about how they recognize dietary?


Last year, the residents and I put together Valentine bags with chocolates and goodies and presented it to them.


This year, funds are low, but we still want to toot their horn!

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Here are some things that you can let the res. make to share with who ever. If you already have something planned save these for another Valentiine's Day project.

Smiling Hearts


What you'll need:


* 2 bags of your favorite Masterfoods USA candies, such as MILKY WAY® Brand Miniatures for Valentine's Day, STARBURST® Brand FRIENDSHIP HEARTS™, MILKY WAY® Brand Milk Chocolate Covered Caramels, SNICKERS® Brand Hearts Singles, and M&M'S® Brand Milk Chocolate Candies FUN SIZE® for Valentine's Day

* 1 piece black construction paper or card stock

* 2 pieces assorted colors construction paper or card stock

* Hole puncher

* 2 36-inch pieces thick yarn

* Magic marker

* Heart-shaped stickers

* 2 googly eyes

* Colorful feathers

* 2 pom poms

* 12 inches black fuzzy ribbon

* Double-sided tape

* Glue

* Scissors

* 1 piece red construction paper or card stock

* Optional decorations, such as beads, ribbons, pipe cleaners, glitter, rhinestones and buttons

What to do:


1. Cut four 8-inch hearts (two red hearts and two assorted color hearts) from the construction paper. Pair a red heart with one of the other hearts, and punch out 10 holes along the sides and bottom of the hearts.

2. Tightly lace the yarn through the holes, beginning on one side and ending up with extra yarn at the other side of the heart. Loop the extra yarn over the top of the heart, tying it to the top holes, forming a handle.

3. Decorate the hearts, one girl and one boy. To make the girl: Attach two heart-shaped stickers for the eyes. Then, using a magic marker, draw eyelashes. Using double-sided tape, tape on a yarn smile. Attach colorful feathers to the top. Tape it to the top, with a little tilt. Wrap it with fuzzy ribbon and feathers. Glue on the 2 googly eyes, draw a smile, and add 2 big, puffy pom poms for cheeks. For the boy's hat: Cut the black construction paper into a top hat.

4. Personalize the pouches with any other decorations (like beads, ribbons, glitter) you wish, then fill the pouches with your favorite Masterfoods USA candies.


Makes 2 heart pouches.


Love Bugs

What you'll need:

* Assortment of SNICKERS®, MILKY WAY®, TWIX® or 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand Miniatures for Valentine's Day

* Sequins

* Googly eyes

* Small pom poms

* Felt

* Pipe cleaners

* Glitter glue

* White glue

* Double-sided tape


What to do:


1. Decorate SNICKERS®, TWIX®, 3 MUSKETEERS® or MILKY WAY® Brand Miniatures for Valentine's Day with felt, googly eyes and sequins to look like adorable Love Bugs using the steps below.

2. For antennas, glue small pom poms to the end of pipe cleaners and then glue onto a larger pom pom head.

3. Decorate the pom pom faces with colored glitter glue and googly eyes.

4. For the wings, cut out a wing shape out of felt and decorate with glitter glue and sequins.

5. Adhere all of the bug parts to the SNICKERS®, TWIX®, 3 MUSKETEERS® or MILKY WAY® Brand Miniatures for Valentine's Day by using white glue.

6. Adhere double-sided tape to the backside of the adorable Love Bugs and stick on a mirror, refrigerator, napkin ring or a large glass bowl filled with SNICKERS®, TWIX®, 3 MUSKETEERS® or MILKY WAY® Brand Miniatures.


Valentine's Dau Guessing Game

Who? You! What? This fun family game! Make it and play together.


What you'll need:


* Your choice of SNICKERS® Brand Miniatures Filled Plastic Hearts, M&M'S® Brand Milk Chocolate Candies Filled Plastic Hearts, or SKITTLES® Brand Bite Size Candies Filled Plastic Hearts (the amount of Plastic Hearts needed depends on the number of players)

* 3 sheets colorful construction paper or card stock

* Scissors

* Felt pen

* Double-sided tape

* Heart-shaped Valentine's stickers, optional


What to do:


1. Using scissors, cut the construction paper into ribbon-style strips, 8-1/2 x 2 inches.

2. Using double-sided tape, tape one strip to the bottom of each Plastic Heart, leaving just enough of the strip showing to write on.

3. Randomly decorate the strips with heart-shaped Valentine's stickers. With a felt pen, write a one-line description describing each member of your family on a strip of paper—have fun with your descriptions!

4. Place the various Plastic Hearts at the center of a table. One at a time, everyone chooses a heart and then tries to guess who is being described!

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Hi Diana,

You can celebrate this event in feb. or in oct. Some of you might want to check with the Dietary Manger and see which one they prefer.

The places that I have been involved in usually celebrate this in October.



An annual event honoring dietary managers and their employees to celebrate the important role they play in institutional food service. Dietary Managers Association http://www.dmaonline.org


October NATIONAL HEALTHCARE FOOD SERVICE WEEK (first week) Honors employees who work behind the scenes preparing and serving food in healthcare facilities. Promotional materials are available. American Society for Healthcare Food Service http://jimcolemanltd.com/food/index.php


I ma not sure if these websites are still good, should be, if not do a search.


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We celebrated this in October. For each of the dietary staff, we purchased a plastic cutting board, on each board I drew a pot with steam rising out, and wrote a little saying on each one. All the dietary staff (who usually grumble about what they get) really liked them. And it was so much fun making them!! :lol:

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Guest Guest_Sandy

Oct. 3rd though the 9th is National Healthcare Food Service Week. Is anyone doing anything special for your Dietary workers? Last year we made "# 1"badges for them all to wear and also some of our residents served lunch to them in our Activity Room. I was just wondering what others are doing, if anything.



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Guest Tinki

One year I had a Dessert Contest. I made all the employees make thier favorite dessert to be judged by the dietary staff. I had the dietary staff try each dessert and vote on thier favorites. I invited the residents, they loved watching. We gave the winner a prize. We also have the dietary staff small gifts for thier hard work and participation.



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Dietary Week


Hello to you all. We went and got some aprons at a craft store and we are going to have everyone sign them. We also bought some iron on's to stick on them. We did this for our cooks, then for our diet aids we got a big empty pumpkin and filled it with candy. we stuck some balloons on it and we made them a wonderful card.

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The 1st prize was inserted in Cracker Jacks Box on Feb. 19, 1913. Go to the dollar store & buy some cheap prizes, put popcorn in a bag & insert the prize. Show a movie & pass out the popcorn. Another thing you could do is gather residents & ask them about the prizes they remember getting in Cracker Jacks & pass out the bagged popcorn w/ prizes in them. Easy to do activity.

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Hi I had a member email me about Chocolate Heart Bingo.. does anyone have the instructions and variations on this activity..? Valentines Week coming up..


:-) thx.. pennnie

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Guest Tinki

Levi Strauss Day is February 26 – Encourage all staff and residents to wear jeans this day!



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Guest Guest_KateAA

Valentine Cake Decorating Contest


Each year we (the residents and our activities staff) bake at least 15 heart chaped cakes. We then have staff sign up to take one of the cakes and decorate it.


We then display them for a morning and have people vote on their favorite. The winner gets a Valentine gift bag filled with various goodies and chocolate. We then have a tea and eat the cakes.


We also sell Valentine Balloon bouquets for $15.00 (2 mylar Valentine Balloons and 5 red -pink latex balloons) Staff pre-orders and we have them ready by 3:00PM.


A great fundraiser!

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We do a "SENIOR" prom....get it? I know its cheesy but the residents love it. We do everything red, there was an episode of MASH that had it and I borrowed it from there.

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I like to do a "chocolate" theme. The residents have a lot of fun with it. We do everything from the history of chocolate to them leaving with a chocolate rose.

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