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Director of Therapteutic Recreation

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Hello, When there is a significant change at our long term care facility, the MDS coordinator has "dashed" section F and then sends us an email to keep a hard copy of the interview in the office to "show that we did it."

This happens because she works one day a week at different hours and if she can't get one of us to input section F (after she determines a person is "sig change") then she dashes it.

Is this legit?

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Hi.  your facility routine is definitely unique .. it doesn't follow regulation but it seems that the only thing missing is a way to communicate to the Coordinator the information from the Activity's Dept as to whether or not there is a significant change in activities. All departments know of the residents with significant changes within a facility, you might take a copy of the Sec F and mark the information as it pertains to each resident and leave it for the Coordinator before hand.  Anything to promote teamwork, it makes life so much less stressful..

thanks Pennie

" A significant change is determined by 2 departments usually nursing and dietary. Therapy also determines a significant change. Activities would not trigger, but reinforce one determined by the other depts. When you look at section F it would never change from the initial documentation. I know that the MDS would remain the same. Activities rarely triggers a significant change.   Kathy"


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Follow-Up from Kathy Hughes, ActivityDirector.org Instructor
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