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Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional (CMDCP) - M. Celeste Chase, AC-BC, ACC, CMDCP

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Our amazing consultant, M. Celeste Chase, has earned her CMDCP and we are most excited to congratulate her accomplishment! Celeste works extremely hard to ensure that she is delivering the absolute best advice and education in every single one of her weekly columns. Her contributions are greatly helping Activity Professionals everywhere to improve the lives of the residents they serve while maintaining confidence in their skill set. We are very proud and grateful for you Celeste.

Celeste was kind enough to provide information below regarding the certification mission and process in case any of you are interested in obtaining it for yourself. We support you!
Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional (CMDCP)

About my New Certification
The Montessori Method can help build self-worth in dementia residents—and help them connect with the outside world despite their dementia. With its focus on respect for the resident, a safe and nurturing environment, and activities that promote engagement on a level that’s possible.
Montessori Method for Dementia Residents
 Maria Montessori was one of Italy’s first female physicians. In 1907, she developed a new type of school—designed for challenging students who were once considered “un-teachable.”  Her work gradually allowed her to recognize that her methods were equally successful for adults with dementia. Under the Montessori philosophy, nothing the resident says or does is “wrong.” The work incorporates creative involvement within the resident’s version of the world, rather than to attempt to correct memory or perceptions.
Promote Value
Focus remained on the value of the resident and the importance of promoting that he/she still has intrinsic value—and to introduce activities that foster that feeling.

For example: Higher-functioning dementia residents may be asked to teach others with lower functions on how to do certain tasks—promoting the idea that they still have useful skills to teach others.
  • Montessori principles and interventions are effective with people who have a memory deficit but could still engage in procedural learning.
  • Activities with patients with dementia are structured to progress from the simple to the complex and are intended to be interactive for short bursts of time.
  • Engagement by stimulating the mind with activities that use fine motor skills.
  • Use of shapes, cards, chips, and objects that enhance dexterity.
Engaging Senses
Montessori activities are specifically designed to appeal to all five senses, helping dementia residents connect to the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment. The program often uses art and music therapy, mild physical exercise, and group activities that focus on the individual's abilities. These activities are designed to evoke positive emotions—and help them reconnect with the world around them.
Connection with Long-Term Memory
While more recent memories are often destroyed by dementia, many residents retain their long-term memory. Montessori method creates opportunities for dementia patients to reconnect to positive long-term memories, a tactic that can help draw dementia resident out of states of withdrawal, isolation, or paranoia.
Maintaining Respect
This means respecting and honoring their current perceptions and memories—even if those are “wrong” by objective standards. It also includes trying to meet the resident where they are, offering activities that start with their capabilities and gently push the envelope to help them build new skills, and honoring the abilities and achievements the resident is still capable of doing.

The Montessori Method places an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a person’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. I am honored to have recently achieved this designation.
Approval Process
Your experience and credentials are submitted for approval to the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (ICCDP).

Once approved, you are required to take a 6 hour course through the Center for Applied Research in Dementia and pass an exam.

FYI- There is a cost and requirements for renewal.
Have a topic request or question for Celeste? Send them over to celestechase@activitydirector.org
Our MEPAP 1&2 Courses   2 Course Formats
www.ActivityDirector.org - 1.888.238.0444
Structured Class (16 Weeks) - Begins the First Tuesday of each Month
Self Paced Class (13 Weeks-1 Year) - Enroll and Begin Anytime
Activity Directors Network was founded in 1996 on the idea that we could help create elderly care that dramatically improved the lives of those we all serve. We envision facilities that feel like homes and that celebrate our resident’s individuality and allows them to live with dignity, purpose and joy. We believe the exchange of education and wisdom between the most talented teachers and passionate students is the way to make an impact. Each and every single one of you are the revolution that is changing everything. Thanks for being a part of The Network.
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Our mailing address is:
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CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND ACHIEVEMENTS.  Sandra Stimson CEO International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

if you are a member of NCCDP, NAAP or a state Activity Group or TR group  in the USA or Canada, see if the association name is listed on www.iccdp.net our under the tab labled associations. If not have the Executive Director contact us to add their organization name. Members of the organizations listed receive a huge discount for the Montessori CMDCP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional application and Montessori course. The member rate is $70.00 which is $35.00 application fee and $35.00 course fee. The non member rate is $270.00 so this is a huge savings.  We also accept the same rates for corporate groups. A great holiday gift would be to offer the certification to your team.  The Montessori course was developed by Dr. Cameron Camp with Center For Applied Research in Dementia and he is the father of the Montessori Dementia concept. If you have completed the course presented by CARD , we offer a grandfather option so you can by pass the course. see www.iccdp.net International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, click CMDCP and then associations on drop down menu..  or call 19737296601 or email iccdpcorporate@iccdp.net    ICCDP is the sister company to NCCDP.

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