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Activities for class 060419


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I'll just leave this and whoever wants to post at a later time can add to it and also with their own special event.  My facility is having a BOO fest in October and we have ideas for booths but we need some more.   It is an event where the residents and their grandchildren can come. 

We are having a guessing booth where you can guess the amount of candy in a jar and guess the weight of a pumpkin. 

We are having a goldfish booth where we will have some goldfish in rose bowls and they have to throw a ping pong ball into the bowl to win. 

A cute tattoo booth

A spider web laundry basket where they have to pull spiders out from the bottom without touching the yarn using tongs

A big mouth pumpkin putt putt golf

Bowling with a pumpkin to knock down toilet paper ghosts.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Is everyone going to sign up for MEPAP 2 next month?

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 it's 7:18 pm est so I'm gonna go.  hopefully we can get together tomorrow evening.  :)


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Sounds like a lot of fun and you have a lot planned. what about getting each department to decorate or carve a pumpkin maybe a day before and then have the residents vote on the best pumpkin.!  

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