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activity ideals for christmas

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1.) You can put on a fake fire on the tv through a HDMI cord and lap top, make some coco and eggnog. Have them tell you about their favorite Christmas presents or a favorite thing that did during Christmas while sipping on the coco and eggnog. You then can go straight into letting them help you decorate the tree.   

2.) You can make homemade Ice cream from the snow.

3.) You can make "snow Angels" with paper glue and Glitter.

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1. Make snowmen with marshmallows, toothpicks and edible painting markers

2. No bake clay trinket bowls with large cookie cutouts. This can be a project over a couple weeks. Use cookie cutter to make shape of trinket tray (stocking, gingerbread wo/man, ornament, etc.) curve up slightly, let dry. Next week paint and decorate. Give as gifts or keep

3. Depending on size of facility, can buy Small christmas trees and small decorations-have a christmas tree decorating contest in groups. Post in lobby. Make an annual event. Have a staff lead each group. 


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