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Good Morning!  My name is Kim Ranck and I the Resident Program Manager at Freedom Village Brandywine located in Coatesville PA.  I have been in this position for one year this month,  but have been with the company for twelve years. Each year we plan an Anniversary Party for the Residents which is in July.  Last year was our 20th Anniversary and we had a roaring twenties theme.  This year we are thinking about a circus.  Has anyone ever had a circus theme party?  Looking for ideas.

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Good Morning,

It's been a long time,  but always like to have popcorn, and even the puffed popcorn for those that can't have regular popcorn,  Oriental trading is a great company to get a lot of your decorations,  and I would check to see if the boy and girl scouts could do something for you and also check with the local drama clubs,  you might want to check with an animal rescue or something like that.  I wish you the best, and as always here to help in any way. 

Mary Zonneville

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Thanks for the suggestions.  The drama club would be great, if I could get them to dress up for us and perform.  I wonder if the animal rescue has any elephants!!



Kim Ranck

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