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Mepap1-020519--party ideas

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Hi all,

I am planning a week long activity around the 60's. I plan on tye dying t shirts, and having glow sticks. Does anyone have a suggestion for food ideas that I could use one day or any other ideas that I can do. I was thinking maybe find an entertainer that will sing only songs from the 60's?  I will be doing a different activity each day. Any and all help and ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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For 60's food, I went with Swedish Meatballs, Pigs in a Blanket, and Easy Cheesy (on crackers) for quick easy snacks for residents.  Top it off with Tang to drink and you have a 60's party (along with some 60's music of course).  I also found out pop-tarts were created during the 60's.  Maybe a breakfast idea.  



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How about Quesadillas (easy to chew with melted cheese on a tortilla). Then add a sour cream peace sign on the top and cut. From a musical theme stand point, you could use Pandora and find a Hit from the 1960's station. I suggest you all go to Musicians on Call - and apply for the MusicPharmacy program using Kindle Fires, Pandora and Bose headphones.  

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