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Is your facility ready for the NEW Behavioral Health Regulations Course

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Is your facility ready for the NEW Behavioral Health Regulations


    Kathy Hughes  has written an all inclusive CE Course to guide you and your team through the new regulations. This is a 15CE NCCAP PreApproved Online Course


The New Ftags were enacted to ensure residents effected by "Behavioral Health" are properly cared for and their needs met. This course was created to help you identify behavioral health issues in your residents and plan your programs in a purposeful way. Many examples are provided to guide you on your path to creating meaningful experiences. You are in a unique position to greatly improve the lives of those you serve and to help them in ways that may significantly and positively impact them. This course will teach you what is needed to satisfy your State Surveyors New Behavioral Health Regulations for providing care for residents with Behavioral Health conditions. We will compare exactly what is written in the regulations to the paperwork and forms we use everyday. Topics covered include:

  • Conditions or Diseases that Fall within the Behavioral Health Category and Specific Ways to Address Each of Them.
  • Assuring Careplans and Activity Programs are Compliant with the New Behavioral Health Regulations (f740-f744).
This will be an exciting journey that will greatly improve the way your department addresses individual needs. This course will force you to look at things in a whole new light, while empowering you to take meaningful action.
Let's begin!  Visit Activity Directors Network at  http://www.activitydirector.org/classroom

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