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My facility is in Maine and our warm weather days quickly fly by, so once a week I schedule an Activity titled "Outdoor Games". We bring the residents under our front alcove (lather them with sunscreen) and play all sorts of interactive games and activities. There is nothing more fun than pitching a wiffle ball to a 100 year old gentleman! We play ring toss, Frisbee, blow bubbles, play pass and hopefully soon we will get a cornhole board. Those with all abilities can join and the nice weather raises everyone's mood. When it is really warm, we will end the activity with some sort of frozen treat.

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A very good idea to interact with all neighbors and become more close to each other. Everybody is tired of the monotony they get at work, school, or university and that's why this kind of occupation is very great. I see you have a lot of interesting games that you play there and some of them are new for me so will try them with my family. But I recommend you to try https://www.holleyweb.com/c/zorb-ball/ it is so much fun you cant imagine, you can make some fights with each other if you have at least 2 of them.

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